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Anybody heard anything about when our fave chatroom will be back up again? :)

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    Posted by Cascadian at 10/03/11 12:53:51

    Heya Sprout,

    While not likely to give you an immediate response as chat would, HappyCow also has these forums and also a variety groups where you can post messages and get replies. This are generally not used that often but you can help change that by getting involved!

    And while HappyCow is my favorite chat room, there are several other veg chat rooms out there. I will pop into the one over at from time to time myself!

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 10/06/11 10:01:48

    Does anyone know the update on the chat room? Is it forever down or is it being worked on and we just have to sit tight?

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    Posted by Lil Sprout at 10/03/11 19:13:47

    Thanks Cascadian! I went on the volentia website and joined tonight. :-) I need all the help I can get.

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    Posted by Cascadian at 10/01/11 09:24:06

    Heya Soya,
    I dont know anything about what happened and/or why myself. Eric has let me know that he is working on it and that we should check back in a couple of days. :)

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    Posted by Lil Sprout at 10/03/11 11:54:21

    So SAD our chat room is down. I really needed some encouragement from my HAPPY COW friends today. :-(

    Lil Sprout

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    Posted by webmaster at 10/07/11 09:54:10

    Hi Everyone...
    We've had some MAJOR server issues, but hopefully they're now resolved. The chat room and member login should be ready tomorrow, Oct 8th.
    Sorry for the inconvenience. Eric

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