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Hi Everyone,

If you are especially knowlegable about a field or topic related to vegetarianism and veganism and would like to write an article to be published on HappyCow, please email us. Related topics may be anything about vegetarian health, vegan diet, nutrition, healthy foods, animal rights, raw food diet, home gardening, organic gardening, vegetarian nutrition for pets, arguments for a vegetarian diet, vegetarian philosophy, travel tips about a major city or country, etc...
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webmaster -eric

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    Posted by Longdrive at 12/29/12 17:21:54

    Eric: I am not intending to be facetious but vegetarianism is, in the main, a non-subject and so any 'expertise' is arguably ill founded. If one accepts the Oxford English Dictionary's definition of 'vegetarianism' as being 'a person who abstains from animal food, esp. one who avoids meat but will consume eggs and dairy products and sometimes also fish,' what please of substance makes a vegetarian diet more challenging than that of a carnivore? I appreciate that the reason for your post has well passed, but nevertheless your presumption still remains a valid, but contentious, point. P.S. I have met many who eat white meat who also claim to be vegetarian!

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 08/24/14 16:00:39

    Longdrive: The Oxford English Dictionary is mistaken in this entry if fish is not classified as meat. When one eats fish, one eats flesh, muscle tissue and fat from a creature with a central nervous system. So unless you misread the OED, you have found Oxford scholars wrong in one of their entries. Congratulations.

    This is only one example where carnivores who can not comprehend the idea of vegetarianism try to define something they do not understand. If you have ever eaten at a meat eating restaurant and tried to order vegan food, you might have experienced this phenomenon.

    What Eric is seeking is noble. Do not degrade his intention with such foolishness. Of course vegetarianism may be defined with apophatic logic which is to say we may define vegetarianism by pointing out what it is not. So by this logic, true vegetarianism does not permit the consuming of any animal products. To then point out what it is rather than what it is not, we may then conclude that true vegetarianism is vegan.

    There are many people, books, films etc. that want to pull down the vegan life experience or want some alleged purity or power they perceive from their tainted carnivorous view that a vegan lifestyle presents, but it always fails. It seems that Longdrive also fails with the OED to see the truth that Eric is presenting something credible and worthy that is understandable and reasonable and able to be understood both in terms of what it is and what it is not.

    I wish Eric well in his endeavor.

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    Posted by diannaoftheoaks at 08/24/14 16:21:27

    Dear Longdrive: There are many who claim to be vegetarian and vegan that are not. There are even raw fooders that eat raw milk and raw fish and still claim to be vegan, when in reality they are pescatarians or lactarians. A true vegetarian is vegan and abstains from the consumption and use of all animal products.This means no animal flesh of any kind (including fish), no dairy (including eggs and milk products), no honey and no insects. Also, wearing no silk, no wool, no leather & no fur (included so called fake fur, which is often made of cat or dog hair in China). There are also a lot of additives that vegans avoid, such as whey (a dairy product), carmine and cochineal (made from crushed beetles) to name a few.There are several "hidden" ingredients made from animal products that you would never imagine, so we vegans have to do a lot of research and be very careful about what we consume.
    I suggest you try using a different dictionary to get the full breadth of the definition of vegetarian and vegan. In fact, don't just try one, use several to get a broader view. I hope to see some upcoming articles on the topics Eric is soliciting.

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    Posted by webmaster at 08/24/14 19:44:08

    Hi guys,

    Yes, when I posted that I meant it with the understanding that true vegetarianism is completely plant-based.

    While I said "vegetarian" partly for the sake of keywords and enticing people in writing, all of the articles we post on the site are from the perspective as vegan.

    "For the past 160+ years various 'Vegetarian' Societies around the world have misused the word 'vegetarian' for mixed diets which include animal products such as milk, eggs, honey, etc... - this is unfortunate, especially for the animals & insects which are abused to satisfy the tongues of humans.

    In essence, "vegetarianism" was created to describe those who held the belief to only consume as food that from the plant and mineral kingdoms and have compassion for all living creatures regardless of size or habitat. While the majority of "vegetarians" have adopted the altered definition put forth by various organizations since 1847, we have decided to stay with the original definition and work towards reclaiming the word "vegetarianism" with the sentiment of the 'ism' it was created for.

    A true vegetarian diet consists purely of plant-based foods. Plant-based foods include vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, herbs, spices, and grains. 100% Vegetarians do not consume any animal-derived products whatsoever."

    Also see:

    It's required of all posts that they in no way promote any animal suffering, including dairy, eggs, honey, etc. If you find something that does, please let me know.

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    Posted by kindlizard at 08/25/14 00:07:46

    It'd be great to see that determination spread to the cafe listings. By listing Chipotles everywhere, that's McDonalds; talk about animal suffering. The phonies who eat that way will find it.

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    Posted by webmaster at 08/25/14 10:27:35

    Hi KL, that's a discussion for another forum:

    (on a side note tho, we'll soon be changing the way veg-friendly places display on the site)

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