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The listing of animal ingredients here on Happy Cow is so helpful. To make my product purchasing a more conscience one, I copied the list, edited out the definitions, and formated it into a handy wallet feature. Now when i go grocery shopping, I consult my quick-list, and am able to shop worry free about ot knowing about what is really in my food.

My suggestion is to feature a second animal ingredient list here on Happy Cow; one that is just the ingredients and is formated for easy printing. So that people like me, who dont always know what the technical terms for some of the animal ingredients are, can always have an easy to read list at hand. *Food for thought*

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    Posted by webmaster at 07/25/10 10:52:39

    Hi Jive,

    Sounds good, will you send us a copy of the one you created for printing?

    Thanks, -Eric
    eric ***at*** happycow ***dot*** net

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    Posted by jive at 09/09/10 01:35:14

    Its done everyone. Download and print your copy today.

    P.S. if you find any errors, or have additional animal ingredients to add, please let me knoe on my profile.


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    Posted by AndyT at 09/09/10 09:44:46

    Wow, what old technology ;-)

    Is there no app available for that one yet???

    Seriously, I was recently on a hike with my family, and when we were out in the wilderness, I was so happy that my mobile finally picked up a satellite signal so I could google what E 407 means ... to find out that it was carrageen, is vegan and that I therefor also could eat the IKEA cookies my wife had packed as only provisions ;-)

    Best regards,

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