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There are currently a dozen Ambassadors on Happycow with less than 100 points, many more not far above that level.
There would be members in many of those areas who are genuinely active and therefore more suitable to be Ambassadors. Most locations are only allowed 1 Ambassador though as far as I am aware.
Would it not make more sense to have minimum criteria ie: Crystal level (which is only 250 points anyway)?

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    Posted by eric at 01/27/18 06:56:16

    Currently we allow up to 5 Ambassadors per city. Good point about level. Thanks.

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    Posted by RichMoly at 02/26/18 15:31:44

    I'm likely one of those with too few points, as I'm more of a behind-the-scenes meddler (badgering Eric online, when he's visiting, etc.), and 'represent' HC to the cowmunity at events (wearing the t-shirt, handing out stickers, etc.) and when visiting businesses :-) I'm Happy(Cow) to step down should my area reach the 5 limit...

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