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I scrolled to the majority of topics and didn't find it (actually I did find make the forum searchable :) ), so hope it has not been mentioned already.
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to add the actual day of visit when you post a review. And afterwords when visitors look to the restaurant they actually see the latest visit first of course.

3 reasons for that;

1. I use happycow quite often when I travel around the world for business, at that moment, I can rarely write a review. I most of the time start to work on it offline, and finalize it on a later time when it is less busy. (it also so nice when at some point you decide to contribute to happycow like we all did, that you can add representing reviews from the past, that can help others)

2. This function would give the visitors still the good information representing the good date and being chronological. Maybe sometimes showing the positive or negative direction of a restaurant.

3. For the restaurants that look over their reviews, it provides them the possibility to improve and work on it. So that later posts can show that more positive direction they are taking and stimulating it even more.

So concretely, when we add a review propose a date to add (if you don't change it is the date you make the review), and afterwards on the restaurant's page, propose the reviews in chronological order based on this date.

Thanks you and have a great day.

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    Posted by happah10 at 10/14/17 01:56:30

    If there has to be a date, please just make it month and year.

    A precise date gives too many clues to restauranteurs to pinpoint who left a negative review. Especially if they used a credit or debit card.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/14/17 14:24:00

    Worse yet collectively to generate a positive opinion towards an area, there may be made a spike for when someone is visiting a specific day, although this could be interesting for cross-referencing Big Data wise

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    Posted by eric at 10/14/17 16:10:30

    Hi guys, some interesting points. Unfortunately, allowing members to choose the date that they visited a place would open a whole can of worms. It's easy to see how this could be used in a way to hurt restaurants, especially when there are arguments with the owners.
    @happah10 - HappyCow prefers accountability, and if you plan on writing a very negative review you should really be using your real name. Ideally, we prefer reviews to be constructive in nature, with suggestions helping owners to improve.

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