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Make forums searchable It'd be great to have a way to search the forums by keyword. Like for this suggestion - no clue if someone's already submitted it! I scrolled through 1 page of suggestions, but stopped there. That's probably pretty typical of how people search for information without an option to plug in keywords. Post Date: 02/20/18, Replies: 6 02/20/18 6
Non-veg listing policy / search options An idea about the policy regarding listed non-veg restaurants. Maybe I'm understanding it wrong, and there is no 100% ban on listing restaurants that serve veal etc., in which case ignore me. The "While we are aware that some areas might not have fully vegan restaurants--and that knowing a place that offers a few vegan options could be useful--we choose to list restaurants that meet at least a minimum criteria (see below). We are interested in supporting businesses with menus that show a hint of compassion, and we feel that servings especially such as veal, lamb, shark fin, foie gras, etc... often preclude that." Just always read that way to me ^^ Which I can totally understand not wanting to support businesses that support particularly cruel methods, I'd rather add a disclaimer "This restaurant serves baby animal meat" or something instead of not listing it at all. I've been to some places that had quite a large variety of veg*an foods, but weren't on here, presumably because of some of their meat options. Which, as noted in the disclaimer itself, can be quite annoying especially in areas that don't have a lot of veg*an options at all. People go veg*an for all sorts of different reasons, my primary motive is the environment, but I also care a lot about animal & human rights. I'd love to have the option to note what other types of 'ethical' or 'unethical' options a place has and then decide for myself whether I want to support it. Local veal & Fairtrade coffee? Fine by me. Nestlé plastic bottle water & imported quinoa burgers? Rather not so much. I'd be cool to maybe have a range of criteria to pick in addition to the type of store/restaurant, like organic, no cruelty meat, halal, zero waste, etc. Would've been greatly helpful the plenty times I've searched for a café with Fairtrade coffee AND soy milk haha. Post Date: 02/20/18, Replies: 2 02/20/18 2
"Like" button for forum posts How about a 'like'/'rate up' function for the forum? That way you can show support for an idea without cluttering the topic with "I agree" "Same here" "That sounds good" etc. Would be especially useful for this Suggestions category I imagine. For example Discord has a system like that for their feedback forum: Doesn't necessarily have to push the topic up, but it might be useful feedback for people working on the site/person who asked a question. Post Date: 02/18/18, Replies: 1 02/18/18 1
"Other" Store Listings, Online, & Local Hi! Okay, so three thoughts, the first two related and the third not. Right now the search engine is centered around restaurants and food stores with a vegetarian/vegan selection. 1.) I was wondering if the types of store should be expanded - for example, local beauty stores that sell vegan/cruelty-free makeup and products, local clothing stores that sell vegan clothing, etc. The only problem I see with that is that most stores buy from tend to buy branded products and not produce them themselves there in the store or something may not be restocked once it's sold out. Our members might have to reach out to the stores ask about vegan products and see if they make a point of keeping a steady supply of vegan products on-hand, but that'd be good because that might encourage stores to offer it! 2.) That got me thinking of how limited local clothing store options can be for shoes - leather sneakers and leather boots are a standard, after all! If we were to introduce other types of stores selling non-food vegan products, it might be helpful to implement non-local, online shopping. For example, I got vegan sneakers at and I love them to death. I don't think I would've been able to find vegan sneakers at any shops near me, so it might be useful to implement a separate "online" store search (with options on where they ship?) vs. the preexisting "local" store search. 3.) Not vegan-specific and not super important, but it might be neat to have an option when adding/updating a listing for whether a listing is local/small-business/family-owned. It'd just be cool to know if we'd be supporting a small business. :) Thank you for your time, let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for anything above! Post Date: 02/12/18, Replies: 0 02/12/18 0
Time for a review? Some of this is worse than bad, it is unethical Post Date: 02/08/18, Replies: 1 02/08/18 1
Does HC underrepresent vegfriendly venues? Health food store - We will add it just as soon as possible. I found a Thai restaurant in Folsom, CA yesterday with a separate vegan-friendly dinner menu with over 30 items, and about 15 items on a separate veg lunch menu. I think it's important to have this restaurant to put Folsom on the map, otherwise vegans traveling thru here have zero options. But I ran into the below policy. Folsom is a mainstream city that does not have any pure vegetarian restaurants, nor health food stores (other than ones selling only vitamins), nor farmers' markets that I know of. A vegan traveling thru Folsom might love to know about this restaurant, but I can't seem to get it listed b/c of the policy below, which I think does a disservice to travelers. I think that when one does a search for "100% vegetarian restaurants" for a particular city, they should simply get a "no match found" message. Or a "no match found, but this city has at least one listing for a veg-friendly restaurant." The policy: "Also note regarding Veg-friendly but Not 100% Vegetarian: In order to add a new US city to the HappyCow website, there needs to be a pure vegetarian restaurant OR a health food store in that city also, in order for us to add veg-friendly/not 100% veg places. Otherwise, when a visitors chooses the "Show 100% vegetarian only" default, the newly created city will not show, and the website will lead the visitor to an ERROR page ("this page does not exist... there are no vegetarian restaurants in this city")." Post Date: 02/07/18, Replies: 67 02/07/18 67
Some suggestions FWIW 1.) Ability to Reply to another poster in the forum or even quote. 2.) A more prominent link for the forum. I would imagine that a lot of people never even discover it. 3.) When i click to reply on a forum post and i am redirected to a login page, instead of being returned to the forum, i end up someplace else outside of the forum making it inconvenient to find the post again. It would be nice if that didn't happen. Post Date: 02/05/18, Replies: 5 02/05/18 5
Grandfathered 5 Stars Reviews I just noticed when trying to give my favorite restaurant a 5 star review that I was only able to give them a maximum of 4 stars for only being veg-friendly. I personally have no problem with this and support this rating system. Though, I noticed earlier when giving another review to SOL CAL cafe, that it shows them with 4 1/2 stars while scrolling through. Over a year ago they switched from being fully vegan to serving meat and dairy. It seems they were allowed to grandfather in their 5 star ratings from when they were vegan. It doesn't seem fair to me that restaurants that abandon vegetarianism get to keep their ratings exclusive to vegetarian restaurants and not deal with the same handicap as their competitors. They should have to play by the same rules and have their 5 star reviews taken down to 4. Post Date: 02/05/18, Replies: 2 02/05/18 2
Listing Logos Recently noticed that one of the editors appears to be shuffling photos again to place a food photo as the first visible photo. When using the app on a phone, the business logos work a lot better as the first photo, to the point where it is those businesses that jump out at the viewer, while the myriad of small food photos all blend in together. Apps are meant to be fast & accurate, the visual representation of the business enables that. Post Date: 02/02/18, Replies: 0 02/02/18 0
Points 5 points are allocated for listing a business 4 points are allocated for reviewing a business It takes a lot more effort to list a business (finding them in the first place, ascertaining that they are listable, potentially having to contact them, collecting and adding information such as address, contact details, opening hours etc), whereas writing a review only takes a minute or 2. Should not the points reflect that extra effort? I find reviews and photos very useful, but they do not exist without listings. Post Date: 02/02/18, Replies: 3 02/02/18 3
Ambassadors There are currently a dozen Ambassadors on Happycow with less than 100 points, many more not far above that level. There would be members in many of those areas who are genuinely active and therefore more suitable to be Ambassadors. Most locations are only allowed 1 Ambassador though as far as I am aware. Would it not make more sense to have minimum criteria ie: Crystal level (which is only 250 points anyway)? Post Date: 01/27/18, Replies: 1 01/27/18 1
API for the website? Hi, I've written the "Gary bot", which runs on the subreddit. He responds to common queries about veganism, so - for example - typing @Gary! Nutrition will return a list of websites talking about vegan nutrition. That's a long-winded introduction to my real question. A common question on /r/vegan is: "I'm visiting x city, where can I eat?" I'm hoping to add functionality to Gary, so that you can type: @Gary! London and he responds with the best vegan restaurants in London. I can maintain the responses manually, but it would be helpful if I could script Gary to query an API on HappyCow to get the results. That's a long-winded preamble to the actual question, which is: Is there currently an available API on HappyCow that I could use for this purpose? Thanks for any help you can give. All the best Matt Post Date: 01/27/18, Replies: 3 01/27/18 3
Reviews without a Rating Hi everyone, We've had many requests to allow members to rate a listing without adding a review. In our discussions so far it seems like a bad idea since there is no accountability, and could easily hurt a restaurant's business without offering any feedback to owners who care to improve. Would be great to get your ideas / suggestions regarding this as well here in this thread. Thanks, Eric Post Date: 01/27/18, Replies: 5 01/27/18 5
rating system too limited A 5 star system does not accurately depict venues, please move to a 10 star or 5 star with half staff system non-vegan venues should not be able to attain maximum ratings Post Date: 01/27/18, Replies: 0 01/27/18 0
Non-veg restaurants on HC I have seen several restaurants in Switzerland shown on HC as offering vegan meals when I know they do not and have no idea what a vegan is - how do I let HC know about these? Thanks you! Post Date: 12/30/17, Replies: 1 12/30/17 1
Categories for bars, cafés and restaurants Not every place to eat is equal. It would be nice if one could add a filter for the search to find real restaurants. When I search for vegan food in a place the vegan and vegetarian businesses tend to be cafés or very small restaurants with less opening hours than shown or they offer only fast food. The veg-friendly restaurants tend to be more established and offer a normal restaurant experience. A tag to categorize every restaurant would be useful. Post Date: 11/30/17, Replies: 0 11/30/17 0
Vegan Facts: Why You Should Go Vegan Now! Hello everyone! I'm so grateful to see so many vegans around the world through these forums! I'm pretty much the only vegan I know. It can be a very lonely and challenging journey, especially when you are just getting started. I've been Vegan for almost 4 years now. I have no problem creating meal plans or getting a sufficient amount of protein, essential vitamins and minerals, and nutrients. The most challenging part is the bullying and criticism I often get. Unfortunately, it is usually from the people I've considered "close" to me. I know that having a supportive group of like-minded people is vital to your success and longevity of a vegan lifestyle; however, vegan friends might not be very accessible to many of us. I'd like to start a thread to help anyone who is at any stage of veganism. Whether the subject has sparked your interest, you're transitioning, or you have fully adapted the lifestyle, I would like to assist in anyway that I can. I'd like to start with sharing my newly released kindle e-book called, "Vegan Facts: Why You Should Go Vegan NOW"! by Sapphira Gemmi (my pen name). It is a quick read of only 27 pages of simple facts about veganism. You will learn how this can affect your health (even reverse the most common diseases), improve the quality of the planet, and save animals! It's a great reference to have and something you can share with anyone. I am a new author on Amazon. If you could please be so kind to leave an honest review on my book, I would greatly appreciate it! Once again, it's called, "Vegan Facts: Why You Should Go Vegan NOW!" Thanks and good luck! Post Date: 10/23/17, Replies: 0 10/23/17 0
Add for review actual day of visit I scrolled to the majority of topics and didn't find it (actually I did find make the forum searchable :) ), so hope it has not been mentioned already. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to add the actual day of visit when you post a review. And afterwords when visitors look to the restaurant they actually see the latest visit first of course. 3 reasons for that; 1. I use happycow quite often when I travel around the world for business, at that moment, I can rarely write a review. I most of the time start to work on it offline, and finalize it on a later time when it is less busy. (it also so nice when at some point you decide to contribute to happycow like we all did, that you can add representing reviews from the past, that can help others) 2. This function would give the visitors still the good information representing the good date and being chronological. Maybe sometimes showing the positive or negative direction of a restaurant. 3. For the restaurants that look over their reviews, it provides them the possibility to improve and work on it. So that later posts can show that more positive direction they are taking and stimulating it even more. So concretely, when we add a review propose a date to add (if you don't change it is the date you make the review), and afterwards on the restaurant's page, propose the reviews in chronological order based on this date. Thanks you and have a great day. Post Date: 10/14/17, Replies: 3 10/14/17 3
Gluten Free Category Let me start by saying that this website and app has been a lifesaver for me in the past weeks!! I have been overwhelmed by the idea of having to cut not only gluten but also dairy but after finding this wonderful app, I was able to eat out a lot more than I thought I would but I was wondering, since a lot of time Vegan's are also Gluten free and vice versa, why don't we have a Gluten Free section which in my believe would really help to get more followers. It is really hard to find places that offer both Vegan AND Gluten free so to have the option on this site would be a blessing. Often, I am all excited to find a sweet restaurant and by the time I am done reading the menu I realize that I can only eat part of the meal or none at all as it's not gluten free. I am sure I am not the only that shares my opinion. Please give me your feedback, if it is not possible, I would like to know the reason behind. Thanks in advance. Post Date: 10/12/17, Replies: 1 10/12/17 1
Hi Hello I am Baker and am a newbie. Post Date: 08/17/17, Replies: 0 08/17/17 0
Very beautiful site, I have a question I'm trying to change my "Happy Cow's page" because my restaurant is closed now and we have rooms to rent, vegan's packages for 3 and 5 days and vegan breakfast/lunch/dinner for a few people. There is somebody here that can help me to change my page or to make another page ? Thank you very very much ! Post Date: 08/11/17, Replies: 3 08/11/17 3
hi every body! Hi! i a new member. Look forward to your help Thank you all! Post Date: 07/23/17, Replies: 0 07/23/17 0
No Sugar No oil No Salt I truly appreciate you website, blog, and app. Following and SOS way of eating can make it even more complicated. If I posted, or recommended, restaurants/eateries that featured this type of meal on the menu would you list it as such? Once again, thank you for all your hard work! Post Date: 04/06/17, Replies: 0 04/06/17 0
Veg Home Chefs and Caterers Hello, Can we also extend listing to home chefs and caterers who adhere to Veg or Vegan or both? Thanks and Regards, -Dhanesh Post Date: 03/20/17, Replies: 1 03/20/17 1
Extend functionalities Hello, Can we please extend functionalities to: 1) Menu listing and if possible even daily/weekly specials 2) Reservation 3) Order food from given listing. Payment and food delivery mechanism to be identified. 4) Place party orders 5) Place order as per own taste/requirement along with location, dates, etc. which in turn will be responded by one or more of the local providers. Thanks and Regards, -Dhanesh Post Date: 03/20/17, Replies: 2 03/20/17 2
Multi-lingual content Hello, Will it be possible to create all content in different languages. We can use this great community to provide correct translation of English content into other languages. I'm happy to lead this as a Tech project. Thanks and Regards, Dhanesh Post Date: 03/20/17, Replies: 1 03/20/17 1
how to get updates by email for cities? I tried to add a city to follow to my list but could not find any way of doing this. Can anyone help?? thanks! Post Date: 03/05/17, Replies: 9 03/05/17 9

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