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New member Hey all. It's nice to be among you. I've been vegan for almost a month now, after being educated through videos on Youtube by many animal protection organisms. I started doing meatless Mondays, but I was beginning to feel bad whenever I ate meat or animal products. I felt disgusted, wrong. The feeling I get today is that I don't want to use animals - unless it's "hugging use". I'm a Brazilian, but I live in Paris. I'd love to go out and meet new members. I also like to cook and it's awesome to learn about vegan cuisine. Post Date: 02/26/16, Replies: 2 02/26/16 2
Vegans in Gauteng, South Africa Hi everybody, I would like to meet more vegans and vegetarians in South Africa, especially in Johannesburg, and socialize more and more with vegans (and less and less with meat-eaters). I am a bit alone in my vegan lifestyle as I only have one or two vegetarian friends and all the rest are carnists who like driving me bananas. ;( If you live in Gauteng, especially Johannesburg, please let me know. Post Date: 02/25/16, Replies: 2 02/25/16 2
It's nice to be vegetarian! Hello, My name is Michelle. I love cooking very much. I'am vegetarian for three years. I have a lot of respect for animals and nature. I have a small biodynamic garden with a pond, a spiral of herbs and flowers. Here are more bees, butterflies and other animals such as frogs and toads and many types of birds. This vegetarian forum is very nice! Post Date: 02/12/16, Replies: 11 02/12/16 11
Hi there :) Almost a year ago was when I first started contemplating whether or not I should go vegetarian, and after watching many YouTube videos I knew that I could no longer live with myself, knowing the truth behind our factory farming and even free-range/organic industries. The reason I went veg was for the animals, the poor creatures who suffer constantly for our greed and selfishness. For school, we were given the task to come up with a persuasive speech for a well-known issue that our world faces today. I thought that this was my golden opportunity to educate my class and teachers on what a factory farm is and how we gain the meat, dairy and eggs that we feed on globally. I deliver this speech in a week and I am feeling pretty confident about the effect it will have on nearly everyone in the class. Its goes for roughly 15 minutes, with short clips and pictures of not even the worse that commences in factory farms. And after learning even more about the dairy and egg industry, I would seriously LOVE to go vegan, however my parents hardly support my decision to become a vegetarian, they even make me eat fish sometimes because my mum refuses to buy me veggie alternatives :( I guess the reason I'm writing this is to reach out to those who may feel the same way and who may be going through the same thing- wanting to go vegan but not able to due to the family situation. I would really love a veggie/vegan friend for support :) thanks, elaine383. Post Date: 02/04/16, Replies: 3 02/04/16 3
Colorado animal activists? :D Im kind of in desperate need of animal activists in Colorado. I went vegan like 4 months ago and i don't know any ethical vegans whatsoever. I joined some groups but the kind of activism they do is simply hold up signs and stuff. I want more straight to the point and blunt activists but its hard when you know like 0 vegans. Non vegans are also welcome, but i am a preachy vegan. So be warned. :D Im also sprry if i posted this in the wrong place, i just joined. But this site seems kind of laid back. Post Date: 01/27/16, Replies: 0 01/27/16 0
Valentines Day Market Research :-) Hey there, For Valentine's Day, I'm doing some research in how everyone stays healthy together. Part of this is a survey I've created on how we stay healthy + how our significant others help us! It take less than five minutes to do and I'd love your help: tinyurl(dot)com /adayinlove. There's also a $100 Amazon voucher as a prize! Thank you so much :-) Emma Post Date: 01/26/16, Replies: 0 01/26/16 0
Vegan Cook Position - Baker Creek 2016 Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is a family owned heirloom seed company dedicated to providing gardeners with non GMO heirloom seeds. We are focused on growing a diverse variety of crops for seeds, to photograph for our catalog, or to serve in our on site vegan/vegetarian Asian restaurant.  Our Pioneer Village (Bakersville) includes our Seed Store and Asian Restaurant. We are searching for a Vegetarian Thai cook for our newly remodeled not-for-profit-restaurant. We are not able to afford a high-end chef but are looking for a good Thai cook to work in our Asian themed restaurant. We are open to persons of other nationalities provided that they have an extensive and intensive Asian cooking background. This would be a seasonal to full time position depending on the person. We are flexible. Our restaurant will be open for lunch Mon – Fri. We have festivals the first Sunday of each month starting in Mar through Oct. We will provide accommodation. We really need someone as early as April. Please e-mail enquiries to: [email protected] please put my name in the subject line- ATT:DANIELLE BAKER CREEK HEIRLOOM SEEDS 2278 Baker Creek Rd Mansfield Mo 65704 USA Post Date: 01/18/16, Replies: 0 01/18/16 0
Vegetarian going Vegan This month I am celebrating 5 years of being vegetarian, so I decided it's time tot take the next step - Veganism. I'm going to try it for a month, starting from te 1st of Novemeber. Any budget friendly, healthy tips? Post Date: 01/16/16, Replies: 3 01/16/16 3
Hi, I'm Amanda! Hi everyone! My name is Amanda and I am new to this forum. I joined in the hopes of meeting like-minded people. I'm 24 and live in Toronto! Feel free to message me! :) Post Date: 01/16/16, Replies: 1 01/16/16 1
Hi! I'm Kara and I'm new! Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself ... my name is Kara. I'm 27 from FL I have been vegan for 2 years now. Looking to meet some like minded people! Please feel free to message me! Post Date: 01/16/16, Replies: 2 01/16/16 2
Vegans needed for a student dissertation!! Hello, We are two undergraduate students studying Psychology at the University of Edinburgh. For our final dissertation topic, we are studying the association between personality and dietary choices, specifically the paleo diet, the Atkin’s diet, and gluten-free or vegan diets. The study is in the form of an online survey. Firstly, you will be asked a few questions about their diet - why you follow it, and you commitment to it. After, you will complete a personality questionnaire. The study typically takes 20 minutes. Participation in the study is voluntary but participants will be entered into a draw with the chance to win one of two £20 amazon gift vouchers. We were wondering if you could please take this survey! Our study is being supervised by Alex Weiss of the University of Edinburgh and the survey has been approved by the Psychology Research Ethics Committee. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] and we would be glad to help. Otherwise you may wish to email our supervisor at [email protected] Here is the link! Post Date: 12/10/15, Replies: 1 12/10/15 1
housekeeper for vegans/vegetarians in UK I am looking for live in housekeeping opportunity, I can work for vegan/vegetarian families and every nice person. I am available during Christmas/ New Year, can start from now onwards, and for flexible period of time. What I can offer: -eco-friendly-housekeeping -vegan or vegetarian cooking --pet/ animal care -gardening, farm work -house sitting -nice company, friendly chat, ...and others. Just ask me for details. CV and references available. About me: meditation is in a first place, I am young, lovely woman 25+, experienced traveler, I like nature and good reading, and I am calm,peaceful, open minded. [email protected] Post Date: 12/10/15, Replies: 0 12/10/15 0
Hello, I'm new here. Hello everyone! My name is Holly and I am a new member. I'm not sure how this site works yet but I am figuring it out. I am interested in becoming a vegetarian and eventually a vegan. Any advice? Post Date: 12/03/15, Replies: 8 12/03/15 8
Room to rent Peterborough Can you recommend any platform to looking after vegan/vegetarian sher houses? It' quite big challenge to found friendly plays in small city. If you will have any tip ,please let me know. Post Date: 11/24/15, Replies: 0 11/24/15 0
Restaurants: To call or not to call? I've just read an article about eatting out as a vegan and it recommended calling ahead to warn the restaurant (non veggie places). I can't imagine doing that so I was wondering how many people do? Post Date: 11/23/15, Replies: 11 11/23/15 11
Newbie member 20 years vegan intro Hello Hello Happy Cow friends, Wow I love it here and I'm very happy and thankful to discover this wonderful community. :) I've been a happy healthy compassionate vegan for 20 years and I am for life. I am the biggest animal lover I know and they are my best furriends. I am a happy proud thankful Mommy of 2 adorable sweet cuddly cats, my fur babies, I love them both dearly and I'm very thankful to share my life with them. I am also a happy proud thankful Mommy of a beautiful adorable 3 year old toddler who drives me crazy, but I love my little Cherub very much. I'm also very happy and thankful to be married to share my life with a very kind intelligent loving man who is grounded, earthy, wise, silly, loving, and shares my passionate beliefs. We went vegan together and he loves my delicious vegan cooking. I look forward to meeting, sharing, and connecting with special new Kindred Spirit friends. I am also holistic, an herbalist, and organic, fragrance-free, and a non smoker. Peace Love :) Post Date: 11/22/15, Replies: 3 11/22/15 3
Vegan Business Partners Wanted Responsible, dedicated, forward-thinking Vegan business partners wanted. I am starting an employee-owned, nation-wide business comprised of 3 integral parts. I am looking for experienced licensed massage therapists, retail and food professionals, marketing and IT experts, and a good attorney. Some investment will be required, but the income potential is unlimited. Post Date: 11/22/15, Replies: 0 11/22/15 0
Free Rent for veggie business in France On offer is 6 months Free Rent on a beautiful shop in central Perpignan in south France for a creative vegetarian/organic food based business. There after, rent is 400€/pcm. 400€ deposit and one months rent upfront are required. The shop is 72 square metres with large windows. To discuss potential business ideas, for more information and shop pictures, email Didier Garrigue; [email protected] Post Date: 11/17/15, Replies: 0 11/17/15 0
Candide woman who wants change everything Hi all ! This is my first post in this forum, but I sincerely hope not the last. I'm Bénédicte, I'm French and I try to make a transition to vegan after years of ignorance. At first, I was just curious about being slim, then being healthy. So I was curious and read a lot of blogs, watched a lot of youtube videos. I like animals, of course, but I like humans too (at least most of them). And then, I saw documentary about GMO and more specifically about Monsanto. And I am so in shock about what happens to farmers that don't want to be a part of it, and are forced to, I'm even more feeling bad to see HOW MANY products are actually more or less related to Monsanto (even Apple and Microsoft). I feel a bit scared and panicked, because I want to do something, but feel so lonely facing those giants. Am I the only one ? Is there anywhere I can go ? Somehting I can do ? I am not extreme in my words and thoughts, because I'm conscious that we cannot radically change the world in one year (and I definitely need to use microsoft for my work). So, what is it about ? I sincerely hope to meet great people over here and share loads of strategies. Sorry for the long post, I was desperate ! See you all soon :) :) Post Date: 11/13/15, Replies: 0 11/13/15 0
Roll call for DFW Just want to see who is close and if anyone is going to Texas veggie fest Post Date: 09/30/15, Replies: 0 09/30/15 0
New Member My name is Rob and I'm new to this forum. I'm here to meet some awesome new people and friends who are like minded. Post Date: 09/29/15, Replies: 1 09/29/15 1
Nami (few weeks ago) trying to connect with vegan friend from Nami Post Date: 09/27/15, Replies: 0 09/27/15 0
New Member Hi, my name is Emily and I am currently looking to transition into veganism. I have tried in the past and made it a year being strictly vegan. However, I keep going back and forth with it and am having trouble sticking with it. I really want to stick with veganism but I don't know anyone who is vegan so it's difficult. Post Date: 09/25/15, Replies: 1 09/25/15 1
New Memeber from Dallas/Fort Worth area Hey everyone just join, I am in the DFW metroplex and I'm looking for people who enjoy the veg lifestyle that are around the area. Please feel free to pm , or leave a comment Post Date: 09/24/15, Replies: 0 09/24/15 0
London Vegan Burger restaurant Hi I'm looking for like minded people to help me opening a vegan burger place in london. 5 guys sort of place but with a vegan twist! I do not have professional kitchen experience and it would be great to team up with someone dedicated to deliver compassionate flavours. I have a few good ideas and funding to get the project going. Get in touch if interested!!! Post Date: 09/22/15, Replies: 1 09/22/15 1
Vegan YouTuber Hi guys! My name is Irene and I just started a YouTube channel. I'm a vegetarian trying to go vegan and I wanted to start making more vegan related videos! So what topics are you guys personally interested in watching? Here is my food review on the Tofurky Italian sausage I would really love some feedback and your support! Post Date: 09/20/15, Replies: 1 09/20/15 1
Just saying Hi! Hi, I’m Steve, been a working my way up to being a vegan for 35 years, finally stopped eating and using animal products last year. First, mainly for health reasons, then for animal rights and environmentalism. Have become so enthusiastic that I created a website,, to become throughly involved in the “movement”, see it as part of my involvement with Buddhism. Was shocked by the far reaching and horrible effect the non-vegan food industry has on our planet. Post Date: 09/20/15, Replies: 1 09/20/15 1

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