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hi guys apart of my research project this year i have decided to do my topic based on veganism. It would be brilliant if as many people as possible could respond to these survey questions below it would help my research out a lot. Your answers would remain anonymous and would be used in my folio section of my project and would be referred to in my final outcome.

1. How long have you been a Vegan for?

2. Why did you decide to become a Vegan?

3. Why do you believe animal liberation and animal rights are important?

4. Has being Vegan generated positive conversations and do you use this as an opportunity to spread awareness?

5. Do you believe there is a negative social stigmatism surrounding Veganism? If so why?

6. In what ways has Veganism affected mental health, whether it be positive or negative?

7. In what ways has Veganism affected physical health, whether it be positive or negative?

8. What foods do you regularly consume to maintain an adequate intake of iron, calcium, protein and Vitamin b12?

9. Do you believe consuming animal products significantly contributes to health issue such as high cholesterol, diabetes etc.? if so why?

10. What do you believe the main reasons for people consuming animal products and eating meat are?

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