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hello guys
i am writing a school projekt about vegans and their meaning to hunting
i am not a vegan myself but i need to know more about u guys
So here is some questions
What are your aguments about hunting?
Why do you hate hunting?
Do you know the consequences if hunting is not a thing?

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/15/17 13:40:33

    For an interesting viewpoint on hunting consider "The American Hunting Myth" by Ron Baker.

    I wouldn't say I "hate hunting." I understand that certain groups of humans needed to hunt to survive in times past, and today there are still many who practice "subsistence" hunting. Also, the millions of people currently existing as war refugees have few options when it comes to food and may eat whatever they can find.

    Your last question infers that you think you know something about hunting that vegans don't know. Once again, may I suggest Ron Baker's book...

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    Posted by ord123air at 03/15/17 14:26:57

    thank you for your responds
    i didnt say i know more about it than other people
    but still i have seen alot of vegans say things like "hunters only kill for the lust of killing" or "hunters shouldnt hunt because the ecosystem dont need it" but hunters dont kill for lust but for the sake of the nature. and the ecosystem needs hunting or els the animals is getting overpopulatet and sickness will easly occur and there will become too many and they begin to occur more and more on the road and alot of other things will also happen with overpopulation of animals idk about your country but in mine it will occur if hunting gets illegal

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    Posted by arb84820 at 03/15/17 20:09:38

    Hi ord123air,

    1. The reason your country feels the need to hunt (non-carnivorous) animals is because your country has already hunted all of the carnivorous animals that would have controlled the population without human intervention. If hunting were to become illegal there, then they would only need to re-introduce the carnivorous animals to the population.

    2. There is no shortage of food that would require hunting, therefore it is unnecessary for survival in your country.

    3. People that do not enjoy killing, don't do it. There are no hunters out there crying over the pain, suffering, and death they caused.

    4. If you look at ANY farm, THAT is where there is overpopulation, disgusting living conditions, and the breeding grounds for diseases - NOT in nature! The animals on farms are so dirty and so closely packed together that farm animals are the number 1 consumer of antibiotics in the world!

    I am sure you have heard the glories of hunting from people that hunt to justify their killing, but part of educating yourself is to do your own research and get the facts. You are not going to learn anything coming here (to a place that is the opposite of your viewpoint) and trying to argue what you have learned from people that have the opposite viewpoint.

    Good Luck and I hope when you learn the truth you can go back and educate those that are trying to educate you now.

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