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i play field hockey, and it's intense. i feel weak a lot from not eating meat, so what should i have to keep me fueled instead?

i'm allergic to most nuts, and strawberries and bananas... just to let you know, i guess. hahaha :)

any ideas?

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    Posted by CandyKisses at 10/08/10 00:08:19

    Eat lots of fresh greens,try juicing lots of greens they are the greatest.Beets,carrots are good tasting.I just made Spaghetti sauce with oregano, garlic,mushrooms,onions and zucchini in thin slices,it tasted great on top of speghetti it also can use any spice desired.I found alot of cooks now are using curry which I found an awsome curry rice & beans mix..Libraries or health food stores may have great recipes to cook by.Good luck

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    Posted by louis at 10/09/10 14:45:00

    dates are good for quick energy, if you can get hold of Brendan Brazier's book 'The Thrive Diet' you will find recipes for pre and post workout snacks and drinks. Also try coconut water.

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    Posted by kindlizard at 10/09/10 23:44:11

    my advice for anyone allergic to nuts: get used to dry spiced garbanzos! delicious and snackable, like nuts.

    avoid Brazer; he's in it to sell his shlock, little tiny shelf-life foods wrapped in mylar that will never degrade.

    avoid garlic and aromatics during heavy exercise.

    coconut water is a good idea. tempeh is great.

    btw, why were all the posts deleted in the thread?

    more than anything, eat a LOT. it isn't a veg or not veg thing, its a you are growing and working out thing. EAT!!

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    Posted by louis at 10/10/10 10:51:39

    I appreciate that Brazier's products are marketed and available in the USA but here in the UK they're not. I also realise that amongst Brazier's recipes are ones that call for use of 'Vega'. However I own a copy of 'The Thrive Diet' and have found many of the recipes in this book a) don't require any of his products, just everyday ingredients one can purchase from health food stores and mainstream supermarkets and b)are terrific for energy and recovery.

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    Posted by 4mula1 at 09/13/11 12:41:51

    try vegan burgers, the peta website says many in sports are vegan. they even have a list.. (example, famous vegans ect..) so your not alone and this is nothing new, you can also visit, as for me, im guessing you wouldnt need much more (just 1?) than a vegan burger (with rice slices) and a (vegan) energy drink, red bull?.. also, see my profile (vegan by design), we did not evolve as carnivores...

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    Posted by baobabfruit at 09/14/11 01:16:11


    Trust me, there is "natural" that compares to the power packed in baobab fruit.

    I have been so impressed with it, that I am bring this lovely fruit (naturally dry) to the public (250g tubs).

    Per 100 grams, it has 6 times more vitamin C than orange, 4 times more potassium than bannana, 2 times more calcium than milk. There is a UNITED NATIONS study on the baobab that confirms this.

    Mighty Baobab

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    Posted by Cascadian at 09/14/11 08:22:42

    I hope that the original poster sees this response and regardless I hope that this reply is useful to whoever comes across it. :)

    I want to start by pointing out that there is nothing humans need that we cannot get from plant based sources and if anything, adopting a healthy vegan diet is an advantage athletically!

    While some folks seem to experience "cravings", "weakness", etc after adopting a vegan diet though, most of this appears to be either not physically based at all (mentally or emotionally causing themselves to feel unwell) or the folks have continued unhealthy eating habits they already had.

    Our basic nutritional needs do not change when we adopt meat-free and better still vegan diets - all that has changed is that we are now partially using different sources to supply those needs. We still need to eat healthfully and make sure that we have strong nutritional sources for carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins and so on.

    So my advice is to not worry so much about "replacing" meat as to making sure that your diet (and lifestyle in general!) is healthy.

    There is a a good bit of more detailed info around on sports nutrition, some is already vegan specific and the rest can be converted over.

    Being in touch with other vegan athletes can be extremely helpful and there are many inspiring vegan athletes out there. I suggest checking out websites and online communities such as and

    I hope this helps!

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 09/15/11 22:09:20

    Wow, Cascadian, that's awesome advice. Great links too!

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