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Hi Everyone!
Lovers of life, animal welfare, environment and just about everything. Please to meet you and a big hello from Baltimore! :)

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/06/15 06:51:41

    Welcome! I

    I didn't spend much time in Baltimore, but I lived near DC for eight years. There are tons of vegetarians and vegans in that area, V organizations, and great places to eat!

    If you like this site as much as I do, please tell others about it!

    And check out all the forums, etc.

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    Posted by TerryCSTX at 02/18/15 06:00:58

    Good Day!

    I am looking to start an environmentally-friendly business in the Baltimore area and need conscious and conscientious business partners. Would you know of anyone interested in joining me? It will eventually be a nation-wide phenomenon, and eventually even world-wide.

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    Posted by TerryCSTX at 02/20/15 04:54:40

    Also looking to retain a tree-hugging, animal-loving attorney in the Baltimore area who understands corporate law and non-profit law and franchise law.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 02/20/15 11:12:44

    Have u called ALDF? The Animal Legal Defense Fund should be able to recommend a good attorney for you.

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