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This month I am celebrating 5 years of being vegetarian, so I decided it's time tot take the next step - Veganism. I'm going to try it for a month, starting from te 1st of Novemeber. Any budget friendly, healthy tips?

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 10/30/15 05:18:59

    By becoming vegan you will automatically be saving any money you would have spent on milk, butter, cheese, yogurt and ice cream.

    Want to save even more? Buy in bulk. Stock up on sale items. Grow at least some of your own foods, even if just a small herb garden. Eat less processed foods. Read labels. Get a good book on vegan nutrition.

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 11/01/15 01:38:01

    Hey I'm a vegetarian who has been transitioning to vegan. Since I have kicked my cheese habit it's been surprisingly easy but I have a year of recipes and ingredient collection under my belt. ..for fast food TaCo Bell has fresco potato tacos and bean burritos with no cheese add guacamole with a side of chips and salsa. Subway has a veggie sub and Cheesecake Factory has an amazing Vegan Superfood Cobb Salad for 10.99...I have shared delicious coconut and pineapple vegan pancakes with omni roommates..I like keeping cooked beans,grains,and hummus with good bread along with soy milk,nuts and dried fruit at home
    ...I found a recipe for cooking Ramen noodles. .ditch the soup powder. Add a big spoonful of pb to hot noodles with soy sauce and lime juice .
    .I suggest also adding green onion and cilantro with maybe hot sauce or chili oil

    Oils and avacado help, so do substitutes like earth balance. .my biggest problem now are probably Trace ingredients in bread or sauces if hungry out or offered food...not that strict yet

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 01/16/16 16:57:10

    I like Thalassa4's tips.

    My big tip comes from being vegetarian for two years and vegan now for 16 years next March.

    There is no budget/cheap/easy way to do it. You need to buy organic vegan D3 pills, organic nutritional yeast and a good organic synthetic B12 sub lingual. Beyond that, the vegan restaurants cost regular prices, and the supermarket food, when organic, is a regular grocery bill. You need to eat many colors of fruits and vegetables every day because the different colors represent different minerals and vitamins. If money is why you are doing it or if money will keep you from doing it then you should think about other reasons for this shift.

    I found that money is far less important than eating a normal diet. To me vegan is normal. Animal products are not normal. It is normal to eat an apple, it is not normal to kill a cow and eat it and dip your bread in its blood and call it broth. It is not normal to eat mammary secretions of another species when you are a weaned adult. It is normal to eat a salad.

    After you have been vegan for several years, you will notice a consciousness shift. With all the literal and Karmic poisons out of your body, you will think much more clearly. This mental clarity is the great gift of a vegan diet.

    I try to eat at vegan restaurants only. I do not want cross contamination from non vegan products in my food, and I want to support a vegan economy.

    I worry less about the money and more about what is right, good, sane and reverent in my life. My money buys me a voyage of life that is vegan. I don't want my vegan experience curtailed rather I want it amplified. I guess it is all about priorities. Spend less on other things and more on your vegan life style. You will not regret such a decision.

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