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Hi all, I am a vegetarian biker and after pondering the possibilities of regular biking groups decided I would prefer to mix with likeminded people. Are there any vegetarian bikers out there ...?

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    Posted by peasonearth at 11/03/07 09:16:47

    Do you mean bikes with pedals or motors? Just wondering.

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    Posted by spaneu at 01/15/08 20:34:41

    yeah, I was wonderin' too. I'm a biker, as in "cyclist" myself... I like the power of meeting physical challenges.
    not into motorcycles

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    Posted by noah at 02/06/08 19:59:43

    organic athlete!

    there are a couple vegan cyclists south of you, and a couple east of you I believe.

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    Posted by alblaster at 08/02/09 13:10:46

    oh I like to bike, and fast. Maybe one day I will be fast enough to out bike a car on the highway.

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    Posted by kindlizard at 08/02/09 14:52:40

    you should start a group here on Happycow, vegbikers...

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    Posted by kindlizard at 08/03/09 12:39:06

    It may be helpful to clarify by saying cycling rather than biking. Bikers are leather clad Harley riders, as opposed to spandex wearing Schwinn riders. Think it could helr narrow your search...

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