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Hi! I am Teresa from Spain and I came to Finland a week ago. I would like to meet some vegans here and I tried in animal shelters but they don't need more volunteers and the rights animal associations don't have upcoming events. I've already meet lots of nice people but I really would like to meet at least some vegans :P

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    Posted by Cascadian at 03/09/14 16:13:32

    Hola Teresa,

    While I have not yet been to Suomi myself, it is on my short list of places that I'd love to go some day (España tambien!) and there definitely seems to be an active Finnish Vegan community.

    As a start I suggest getting in touch with Vegaaniliitto, the Vegan Society of Finland:

    I have heard that there will be a VegFest in Tampere this year! You can see info about this event in previous years here: and get info about this year by contacting:

    What part of Finland are you in? There very well may be "Meet-up" or similar groups in your area.

    I hope this helps! :)

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    Posted by teresamr6 at 03/10/14 10:23:48

    Hi Cascadian! I am in Vantaa near Helsinki. Vegaaniliitoo redirected me to another group more international and english speaking but neither of them have events, and there are not vegan meetups here! I've already checked, but I didn't know about this vegfest, definetly I will contact them, I hope I will be still here. Thank you very much for your answer =)I don't know very well how happycow works but I would like you to let me know if sometime you come to Spain!

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    Posted by Cascadian at 03/10/14 11:30:44

    Hello again!

    I'd love to say Hola! whenever I do make it to España - what area do you call home there?

    More ideas for meeting folks:
    - I'd personally just go to vegan & vegan-friendly spots in the Vantaa/Helsinki area, introduce myself & talk to folks, ask them about events & such.

    There are some active Helsinki area folks on - you could post there & ask for suggestions.

    Are you familar with ? There are vegan groups on there you can try & you could also post on the local groups that you want to meet other vegans in your area.

    You'll make plenty of friends soon enough! :-)

    Also, please say hello if you ever make it over this way! Portland is a great city, particularly for Vegans & there are many other wonderful places around this region.

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