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Hi everyone! HappyCow has become my go-to resource for finding veg-friendly restaurants wherever I go.

I was born and raised in the US (mostly California) but now am living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Transitioning to a mostly plant-based lifestyle has been incredibly difficult in this meat-based country, so I'm happy to find that this site exists and there are members posting about veg-friendly places where I live.

I have been using the Android app a lot and one thing I like to do is pull it out whenever I go to a new place in the city to see what Happy Cow restaurants are nearby -- it's always great to discover new places to eat!

The one negative thing I experienced on this site is finding that I couldn't rate a restaurant 5 stars if it also served meat. Hello, website owner, clearly you've never tried to be vegetarian in South America! Every single restaurant here serves meat because it's what everyone demands. I'd love to give 5 stars to the restaurants that make an honest effort to accommodate vegetarians even while serving the traditional meat-heavy tastes of the local Argentines.

Anyway, end rant, I'm looking forward to meeting other like-minded folks from the HappyCow community. I'm very happy to be here!

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    Posted by angelawang at 04/03/13 03:41:41

    Hi Vegan from Argentina, I also use HappyCow to find restaurants and food. I am a vegetarian from Singapore and I find it quite easy and hard to be a vegetarian at the same time. There are veg options in Singapore but most are Buddhist vegetarian outlets and there is a strong meat eating culture in Singapore too. The national dish is chicken rice :) Hope HappyCow is useful for you in your veg journey in Argentina. Argentina sounds like an exciting place to live in, isn't it where Macchu Picchu is?

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    Posted by savetheanimals at 04/04/13 04:07:42

    @ angelawang Machu picchu is located in Peru not Argentina. @ Tlau Argentina is known to be a very big meat eating society. good job tlau on being vegan in Argentina. I am glad that we can't 5 star rate flesh serving restaurants. An animal was murdered and the restaurant sells it's flesh. They shouldn't get rewarded for serving murder.

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