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Never done this before so I guess I'll begin with hello!

Having a crisis here. I've been travelling in Asia now for 2 months and although I'm loving every mintue of it, it's really making me think about the choices Im making in my life.
You see before I left England I was vegan for about 3 months. And I really loved it, I felt amazing, not just physically but mentally I felt I was more in tune with my body and the world.
I felt in control of what I was putting into my body which was fantastic.
I fully expected every single argument against Vegananisim to hit me left, right and centre as soon as it was "revealed" that I was vegan. Even down to the pizza guy dictating to me accross the counter why I should be eating his over processed, disgustingly cheesy pizza and trying to force a counter argument out of me (I told myself I would never be a "preachy vegan" and only explain why I was a vegan if people asked and were curious into the matter; a rule I still stick by to this day.)
Anyway these months of being Vegan and various "you go girl!" And "It's just a phase" it was creeping up to the time of departing to go travelling.
To the build up of leaving I some how got brainwashed by people that I would miss out on the delecacies when travelling if I remained Vegan. I ignored it as first but then I started researching into why you shouldnt be vegan (I know, stupid!.)
Thus leaving me in this position now. 2 months into my travels and currently not vegan (please dont hate me) feeling very indecisive about what to do.
At home I was always a spiritual person but since being away I have really come into my own about it and have gained tonnes of confidence in the way of what I believe and how I wish to live my life. I realised after eating a non-vegan diet whilst away I began to feel very bloated and lethargic and just not as light and energetic as before.
I feel like I need to go back to veganism as I was so passionate and vibrant before and I want to continue feeling that way.
Basically I would love any advice and support about feeling unsure about Veganism, being vegan whilst travelling (as I am quickly learning that the language barrier can often cause problems in this area) and dealing with opinions from others about being a vegan (I never really got used to 'arguing' with people about why I was vegan so it made me quite self concious about telling people as I was afraid of the en slaught of judging.) Also just to skin the subject, I took multi vitimains before but I'm worried that if I become vegan again when travelling I wont be able to get any and this will damage my health.
Thank you for reading me ridicuously long post, any advice is apreciated.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 04/30/15 08:57:01

    Circumstances can make it difficult. It's not the end of the world if you err on occasion.

    Having said that, you've only been at it a short time. It's good to remind yourself of your reasons for becoming vegan. Those who make the change for health reasons only are more likely to go back to their old habits.

    Your reasons may be different than mine, which boil down to, the environment, waste of resources (in the face of world hunger) and most importantly, the animals involved.

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    Posted by mollienomads at 05/01/15 02:53:27

    Hey thanks for your reply!

    I bacame vegan due to the same reasons as you as I believe that becoming vegan solely for heath reasons to benefit yourself is quite selfish as theres so many more factors that come into it.
    Im really considering going back to a vegan lifestyle however now I am afraid of the criticism I will recieve about not being vegan for a bit then going back.
    Of course i wouldnt let others opinions change the way I live my life or my beliefs but anyone that isnt vegan Wouldnt understand the predicament I am in.
    How do you think I could deal with this kind of criticism?

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    Posted by Kevin_C at 05/02/15 01:09:28

    One thing to bear in mind is that being vegan doesn't have to be an all or nothing thing. That works for many people, but doesn't work for everyone. If you're vegan 80% of the time, you're still achieving much of what you wanted.

    Here's a good talk on that topic. Maybe you'll find it useful, and it can help you set realistic goals for yourself, that you'll be happy to live up to:

    Good luck & happy travels!

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    Posted by Kayales_XC17 at 05/08/15 23:38:09

    I'm transitioning to vegetarianism, so I can't offer much advice about veganism in general.

    However, just from reading your post it sounds like you are worried about what people will think if you fail to be %110 perfect vegan all the time, no mistakes or exceptions. As a perfectionist living in a highly judgmental world called College, I can relate to feeling like this. But being vegan or vegetarian is a process. An ongoing process. You're not going to be perfect at first, you're going to make mistakes because you are still learning. And that is perfectly OK. And if those tiny, forgivable mistakes bother other people, then to heck with them.

    Who cares what those critics think of your diet? Everyone cares too much about what everyone else is eating or not eating anyway. The only thing that matters is how you think about being vegan and how it makes you feel. If it makes you feel happier and healthier, then I say go for it!

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    Posted by IngridV at 07/21/15 21:53:00

    yeah of course there is up and down ( I think it's why we are all here, on the internet talking about fellow vegan and vegetarian on these website like happy cow).
    I myself am french and vegan and it's quite difficult to be in France surrounded by people who are convinced i'm being unhealthy.

    About supplement and vitamins honestly i feel like these company made a good job to make people think that we need vitamins supplement ( i really don,t believe in that) .
    I myself never took any ( except for getting thicker hair.. ) and i m perfectly healthy. so I wouldn't worry about that..

    good luck with everything! and it's ok to be not strict all the time. as soon as you do the more you can without depriving yourself

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    Posted by cheeky vegan at 08/20/15 12:09:18

    Hi Mollie!
    Its really hard to know exactly what your eating when your in certain parts of Asia and when theres a language barrier definitely, I had alot of trouble and would choose to live off fruit often and making oatmeal in my room but realistically its not very fun/sociable! Anyways I've been vegan for a couple years now, and rather than try and explain the concept to everyone you come across (alot of people just dont get it) I tend to just say im vegetarian with milk/lactose/ egg whatever allergies. I know its bad to lie, but I find your less likely to be served something with animal products if you claim you'll get sick from them! Anyways I hope this helps, and try to not feel so much pressure of explaining your diet to people! :)
    Daisy xx

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