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Hi, we are fairly new to veganism but not new to healthy eating and being vegetarians. We have 2 small children who are some of our main reasons to turning vegan but feel surrounded by omnivores and most of all junk eaters!!
Would love to know where other vegan parents have made friends and how they have got around the isolation/stigma of being vegan.

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    Posted by helenrh at 07/04/13 13:24:59

    I've found meetup.com useful for contacting a London group of vegan families. If where you live isn't covered, why not try setting up your own group? Putting some flyers in local health food shops etc can elicit a surprising amount of interest.

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    Posted by savetheanimals at 07/04/13 13:50:28

    I am glad you have decided to raise your kids vegan.I think you should do what Helenrh said.You and your kids are going to need support. Kids in general don't have a way to go out and make friends that aren't A. Set up by there parents or B. They find in there surroundings in day to day life (school, daycare or some encounter they will meet children).

    Adults know that there are ways outside of the current situation that have common interest they can connect with. It is up to you to find some other people who are raising there children vegan so they can have friends that have common interest. Kids can be mean and tend to bully the odd one out.

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