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So I have recently made the decision to turn my whole life towards the Vegan direction and its probably the best decision Ive ever made.
It would probably have felt alot easier was I living in my home country of the UK but I am currently living in the UAE. Im finding it very difficult to make this lifestyle flow with day to day life, especially when outside the house.
Also am finding it a little tiring having to explain myself every single time it comes up in conversation that I am a Vegan and why. It would just be nice to be able to talk to someone who has knowledge of eating different recipes and places I can go that have more than just a plain salad on the menu.

If you live in the UAE or can just offer me a little bit of support I would be most grateful. The terms, hippy and tree hugger are getting a little old already.

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    Posted by savetheanimals at 06/09/13 17:55:49

    I don't live in the UAE nor do I ever plan on moving there. I can however offer you support. My phone does't work when people call me out of the USA. (people have and I can never hear them) (it is out of country so even if it works someone has to pay long distance calling) I don't get the point of writing letters when we have all the long distance technology. (plus the cost of stamps) I can and will give you my email
    I think the best choice of contact is Skype. I think you can video chat with people out of country free. My skype name is Animal Animal
    I hope to talk to you soon.

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    Posted by RonnyMeyer at 06/10/13 11:10:38

    i also may help you. where do you live? its easy to eat vegan in dubai. a little bit difficult in abu dhabi but also ok. ive been there three times and im going definitly back

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