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hi everyone!!!

i am SO happy and relieved to finally have found a forum that i like. i am a very fresh vegan (have been vegetarian 4 years before though) and a little bit desperate, because wherever i seem to mention it, people react with not understanding-better not WANTING to understand why i decided to live vegan. so in my desperation i searched through the net and this is the first community-page i actually like really much. :)
i am hoping to find contacts with you all, so i have someone to ask and to remind me that i am doing the right thing and not just have gone mad. and-most important-that you all think like me.

does someone have a suggestion for me, how it becomes easier to deal with the not-understanding-part with people around me?

so hi and thanks for haveing this cool page!

green greetings!

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    Posted by SinEros at 07/16/09 04:43:32

    Hey :)

    These people being ignorant might never be easy exactly, I mean its always frustrating they won't be open minded or just can't see the truth but the only way to make it easier to talk to them and at least try is answer thier questions...Just research Vegetarianism/veganism, and animal rights and make it clearer why YOU do it and use that. Just look into your heart and show them vegans aren't what people think and they're allowed to enjoy food! :P

    Many peoples choices are stubborn and sadly theres not much more u can do about them...But its worth a little try...Just explain veganism/AR's and meat/dairy alternatives, then leave the rest to them and hope they change thier minds or at least (sometimes) not be an arrogant fool. :\

    Good luck! :D

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