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hello my vegan soulmates all over the world!

I am running a mildly succesfull vegan project in the Northeast of Thailand for over a year, selling da vegan burger to da local ordinary non veg Thai people with a cranky bicycle. Customers are just the ordinary mainstream Thai folks, from highschool kids, university students, KFC employees lol, poor people, and da local police.
Its just great and the best job in the world, selling vegan food to non vegan people..

Selling to ordinary non veg Thai people its not about luck, its about from the start i specifically reach out to them. Many vegan entrepeneurs reach out to fellow vegan. I dont do that bc i want to promote and introduce veg food to non vegan people.
yes, it took a long time and was dificult to genuinely connect with people in a foreign country, i mean, i barely speak the lanfuage. it took actually years, before i started selling da veg burger more than a year ago.
It was like magic, all these non veg people wanting and munching on a veg burger. Even national tv came and the Veggie Burget Party was on national tv in a 4 minute fragment, explaining and promotig vegan burgers and biodegradable paper bags lol.

One year has passed. The burgers provide me a salary conparable with the salary of a foreign English teacher, enough to pay the bills and provide daily food for me and my son (i am a single daddy)
So yeah its a good busines but although i have a steady income from it, there is no extra money so that this modest yet succesful veg bicycle vendor busines can grow.
Bummer!! Here i am, i got enough non veg customers but not the money togrow. and right now its Grow or Die.

The updated version of the current bicycle vendor project Veggie Burger Party will be a street restaurant Pita Sandwich project. It will be the bicycle vendor preparing the pita sandwixh with additional tables and chairs for customers to sit.
I always listen to the customer. And through the year they expressed their enthiousasm for the homemade breadbuns. Its not the vegan burger but the tasty bread they go for lol.
Pita bread is just so more awesome and tasty, and versatile. For a dollar (45 Thai baht) you get a homemade pita bread filled with a salad, a spread (a choiche of various spreads including vegan versions of populair Thai spreads, and vegan Ricotta cheese)with a squirt of sauce.
This is a nobrainer, this will be very succesfull with my current and new Thai non veg customers.
Ok, i dont expres my opinion here, its just based on experience and actually listen to what people actually go for. ;-)
At this point, you probably guessed it, the obstacle is that there is no money to realise this.
Money is needed so i can take a few weeks of to arrange everything like changing the burger bike into a pita bike, securing a place, finding staff, transforming the pita menu which i developed into the kitchen into one that is suitable for street sale, etc) and money to buy actual things.
So here i am, just visiting the HappyCow community and who knows somebody might be interested in supporting a complete stranger on the interner with a fancy story about a modest succesful vegan food busines lol.
Seriously. I think my vegan veggie burger project is great and unique and deserves support.
Its unique bc i asked you, how many succesful vegan food projects do you know that succesfully connect with mainstream non veg people and sell vegan food to them?

Plz visit the Facebook page to see all these great Thai people who buy a veggie burger!

facebook: Veggie Burger Party

Anyone interested, with questions or offers, plz you can contact me with a HappyCow message, email or LINE id : Veggie Burger Party

My philosophy about it all is that its not about flipping a burger or a nice design, everything is just about people. In order to reach out to people you have to understand and love them, dont be the vegan who is educating the meateater, just be the nice guy with a nice talk and a nice burger, A person who dont gets it just sees an old bicycle a a scruffy guy. The person who gets it is the person who looks at the people and sees the many current and potential customers.
I sometimes joke to myself (i dont have friends here to joke to) that my job is not selling food but my true job is an entertainer. I smile and provide a nice experience.

sorry i have to keep it short. thanks everybody my fellow vegans, plz visit my facebook page and ask yourself if you think its wortwhile and unique enough to support.
In the end i am just looking for a meager 1000$ min to 3000$ max. for upgrading an already succesdul vegan outreach bizz.

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