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Greetings my friends!

So recently I've been planning to start a long-term project that involves the stories of people from a variety of backgrounds, including their experience with going vegan and what difficulties they've faced. I am strongly considering to reflect those experiences into a narrative so that readers can connect with the character and understand them on a personal level. However, some people would like to have their names private, although I'd have to give credit to that person, for example, their name inscribed in the acknowledgement section + a brief description on what I've learned from them. I will have different chapters based on each person with a moral that describes life lessons so at least the book will be impactful. I am only 17 years old, however, I will not let that stop me publishing a book! I know I have the potential to make a book, and I love to write, especially in narrative form. I want to showcase my passion in many different ways, and writing a book is one of them. Not only the book will focus on veganism in its entirety, I going to implement the values of life, for example; romance. In this section, I was going to have a character where they decided to go vegan, although their partner (married/boyfriend/girlfriend/anyone) completely leaves them. However, one day they meet someone else who is non-vegan also, but they discover that the character is vegan so they accept them for who they are and eventually becomes vegan. All of the characters will be representations/personas of the real person, even including some chapters where it will be from a mother cow's perspective or perhaps even the rabbit's, pig's, fish's, etc. If you would like to have your name included, please let me know!
The more details, the better!

Thank you,
Molly K.

PS: Please send me your story through private message, or contact me at:
@mollyk___ on Twitter
vEmelyne on Instagram

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    Posted by mollykenney at 03/26/17 23:03:40

    *Questions to answer if you don't know where to start.

    1) Why did you go vegan?
    2) Did you have support from the people you love? If yes/no, why?
    3) What were the difficulties, the obstacles?
    4) What did you learn from the vegan lifestyle?
    5) What was the most impactful event in your life that contributed to veganism?
    6) Have you ever thought that you would never go vegan? If yes/no, why?
    7) Are you the only vegan/veg. in your family?
    8) If you had a certain disease/illness, explain how the vegan lifestyle have benefited you?
    9) Were you raised vegan or were you raised on a farm?
    10) Any more thoughts about veganism in general? Advice?

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    Posted by Carisa at 03/27/17 18:34:04

    Here is my long story:

    Once upon a time I realised the will to become 'as vegan as possible' began when I thought deeply and
    Knew that killing and exploiting breathing beings was morally questionable as animals feel the exact same intensity of pain and pleasure as humans.
    Started following pages on social media : PETA, Mercy for Animals.
    Watched Earthlings and felt so sad and angry.
    Realised we logically shouldn't use up land for livestock when u can instead grow crops to feed people taking up less land and water.
    Knew there are risks and injuries in slaughterhouses for the people and the animals.
    Knew that Humane slaughter is a myth. There are billions of animals who have to be killed. U can't kill someone humanely who doesn't want to die.
    Knew that Humane dairy is a myth. To produce milk most people still don't seem to know one has to be pregnant. Cows are forcefully impregnated for milk. The milk industry fuels the veal industry-baby calves are torn from their mothers so we can drink her milk. Male chicks are ground up because they are useless to the egg industry.
    Found out that beagles are the kindest dogs which is why they are tested on in labs (swallow shampoo etc) because they don't fight back if they suffer.

    Not really an event lol but had a crush on this cute boy who I found out cared a lot about animals, the environment and veganism.
    I learnt that it's hard to be vegan when being social, even out of compassion. I try to be consistent with my views and try not to falter in the choices I make where it is possible. People are still gunna throw comments like 'it's a personal choice' when really, it isn't personal if ur choice has a victim. No one murders someone and says it's a personal choice. The same should be for animals. People still ask where do u get your protein. Lentils beans peanuts duh. It's not about me, it's about the animals though. They have a right to be free from harm when it isn't necessary to hurt them. I recently thought many times I should steer away from trying to be a perfect vegan where I was allowed to be, as I didn't want people to think me weird and preachy but the truth is, I feel conscious enough to care and I hate having to eat or use animal products so I avoid them where I can anyway cus it just sickens me. They don't deserve to be exploited. They do have rights. I always say to myself if I were to obtain my food myself, I wouldn't kill a fish/oyster/cow/chicken/pig/dog if I had plenty of other food options available where a death didn't have to occur. Yeh we're omnivores but these days we have a choice to eat a lot of different foods without causing agony to animals or taking away from them. I love vegan food and I give a try of loads of 'Free From' stuff and vegan burgers, vegan cheeses, vegan cookies, yoghurts, cakes and i was satisfied. But it's also for the health benefits as saturated fats and red meat may lead to increased risks in having cancer.
    Going mostly vegan had cleared my skin and I no longer have stomach pains and bad digestion.
    I was raised on a farm. A sheep used to come to the fence to say hi to me everyday like a dog would.
    Yes I'm the only person in my family who tries out veganism which I believe is the only true vegetarian-I was the so called 'vegetarian' who usually craved dairy when I gave up meat and fish, but dairy fuels the meat industry and kills loads of animals. I was raised on a farm and I was raised to eat animal products and use animal products. But my family are starting to change their views when they tried some vegan food without knowing at first. It's only hard to avoid leather chairs like in cars, when it comes to products. I can't really do anything about that :(
    I have learnt as a very nearly vegan, to be more connected with nature and I can try out new foods that surprise me. I don't crave animal products any more and only eat them where my parents force it down or when I have to respect a culture. I have learnt to be flexible. Although, I would never eat an animal product just because one may think it might be 'wasted'. I respect an animal enough not to eat its dead body or secretion when I really don't have to. I don't want my body to be a graveyard for these helpless voiceless victims. I know that a chicken is intelligent enough to recognise faces and count numbers and that cows are really social creatures. I've hugged a cow and a chicken, as well as my dog. I've never met a pig but just because I don't really connect doesn't mean I shouldn't make a connection all the same. I don't want to hurt a being where I have the choice not to. There is no difference between them, it's just the way we choose to view and objectify and exploit some more than others. A cow is a chicken is a pig is a dog
    The end. Hope this helps heh. Are u a vegan/vegetarian and why

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    Posted by Carisa at 03/27/17 18:43:49

    Times are changing. Just like with humans rights-suffragette women's movement, gay rights, civil rights, slave abolition, environment movements, animal rights is a growing social change. Minority groups just need to have a good influence. More people are becoming vegetarian/vegan/reducing consumption of animal products which changes the majority view after a while.

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    Posted by VeganRainbow at 03/28/17 04:15:14

    Hi molly. You definitely have a gift for writing and hopefully you will be heard by many, as it's obvious that you are passionate about that which matters most; life. It still amazes me when I see someone as young as you choosing the vegan lifestyle; I was 27 before I started thinking for myself. Which is what it all boils down to; having compassion for all things, and rejecting the established traditions of this world that undeniably hurt (and kill) so much. Being raised in a large family where EVERYONE was religious about eating meat, I was blinded to the facts. Which is undoubtedly the case with many, many people. Anyway long story short: keep the faith and I'm sure good things will come your way. I don't have much time to write now but just wanted to say that. Also, I like what you've got going here and am more than happy to contribute to your project. I'll message you with my story (well, the condensed version!) As soon as I have more time. God bless and good luck...

    P.S. you've probably heard about it, but in case you haven't there's an excellent free resource for writers called the "Purdue O.W.L. (Online Writing Lab)" maintained by Purdue university. It's indispensable to me:

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