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What - you don't fish!!
I know - isn't it astonishing.
It's hard for me to find Sailing companions and community who are also Veg. One of the tough things is - even fish or meat eaters usually keep it mellow when around vegetarians. This is not possible on long (or even short) sailing trips - as often fishing goes hand in hand. In fact - many sailors I've met consider fishing, just another extension of their 'rugged individualism' and 'from the land' mentality. Of course, they fire up the diesel motor - have no idea how to navigate or avoid collision without their fancy electronics, and yes - quickly jump into that Marina slip - hook up the electric and hoses - and relish in the warm shower that washes off all that rugged individualism they acquired while fending for themselves and arresting a meal from the elements. This is usually done with a fish finder, nylon line - and factory made industrial hook and/or lure. But hey - they caught it themselves.
- So - any other sailors out there with an icebox full of tofu and microbrew? A 'catch of the day' in picture form?

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