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Hi! I've been vegetarian with various levels of "strictness" for many years. A couple of days ago I decided to go vegan. I finally watched "Specesism" and decided it was time. Funny thing is that there wasn't anything new to me in the movie, but it finally clicked for me to just do it. I'm lucky to be in an area where there are lots of vegan choices in stores and restaurants. Today I went to the Spiral Diner for brunch.
I think the challenges for me are the extra planning involved and the search for "comfort foods." I know I can manage with the planning and after awhile I will be used to which foods are vegan and which aren't. Right now I'm reading the ingredients on everything and I'm experimenting with some stuff. Sometimes they are good and sometimes nasty. I bought some "Simple Truth" veggie crumbles and they tasted like plastic.
I'd love to get some ideas for commercial vegan products that you all like. What are or were your favorite "transition" foods?

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/16/15 15:42:28

    Veggie burgers. There are a lot of brands. Among my favorites are those from "Food For Life" company.

    Where I live, the local library has a twice a year book sale, and I've found a number of excellent vegan cookbooks there.

    My favorite comfort food is organic popcorn made in a hot air popper, with organic, fair trade chocolate on the side. I sometimes make organic chocolate brownies and add soaked dried fruits. When I have fresh peppermint in my garden, I have that with chocolate!

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    Posted by GayleMG at 02/20/15 10:26:04

    Thanks! Those are great ideas, especially since I am a chocoholic! I'm planning to grow some peppermint this year.
    I'll look for the Food For Life brand.

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