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What is an easy way to make tofu patties to grill with extra firm tofu? I have figured out you can't do it with tofu falls to pieces...any help is appreciated

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 10/01/11 10:02:09

    I'm not much of a cook so I don't know the answer to your tofu patty question. But if you haven't already tried these, I thought I'd share my absolute favorite veggie sausage. It's called Gimme Lean Sausage by Light Life. You can make breakfast sausage patties or veggie burgers with it, whatever you like. It's really easy to cook with.

    Here it is:

    I hope someone else can unravel the secret to a good tofu patty. And Congrats on going vegetarian!

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    Posted by VeganSally at 10/01/11 14:33:13

    Gourmet tofu patty recipe:

    This is recipe for a tofu burger that's a little easier to make:

    Both use extra firm tofu as main ingredient.

    If you want to try tofu walnut patties or other varieties, there are some yummy looking recipies here:

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