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Hi all, I've been vegan for 4 weeks now. The transition hasn't been too difficult, I was pescetarian for a year before taking the leap.
I'd like to connect with like-minded folk and continue to learn more about veganism.
I don't have a garden but would like to try to grow some of my own fruit/veg. I live in Glasgow, Scotland so not the warmest of climates. Any suggestions?

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    Posted by Sib2907 at 09/05/17 09:50:40

    Hey! I'm also in the transitioning phase but it's not always going to plan!

    So you could try herbs and lettuce first to see how they get on and give you an idea of how things will grow in your flat to start with. Make sure the room you have them in does get heating over the winter, my herbs nearly died in the winter first year I tried to keep them in the kitchen lol (I also live in glasgow) then you could try progressing to some little pepper plants and peashoots will sometimes take to growing in a pot. Haven't tried to be any more adventurous than this myself yet but hope this gives you a start 😊 (I wouldn't recommend tomatoes inside though, my gran grows them in her greenhouse and they do give off an odd smell)

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 09/05/17 10:46:31

    LessLily--Welcome to the community forum. Congrats on becoming a vegan. My ancestors on my father's mothers side were from Scotland. Never been to Scotland though.

    I live in the mountains and foothills with limited sun and cool spring and fall temperatures. For your cooler climate, try green and red leaf lettuce--cold weather resistant, kale, snap peas for cooler weather. Try green string beans also--easy to grow and delicious. Having a garden gives one time without work stresses, to be alone, and it's fun to work with soil and plants.

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    Posted by LessLily at 09/06/17 07:12:45

    Thanks for the advice. I'll give the peas and lettuce a go.

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    Posted by Coutlernile at 09/07/17 15:37:27

    I am not fully vegan right now. But trying to be a vegan. Nice to see your post here. :)

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    Posted by LessLily at 09/07/17 22:07:14

    Thanks Coutlernile, we all transition in our own time. Do you plan to go fully vegan in the future or are you content with reducing your consumption?

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