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Hey all.

It's nice to be among you.

I've been vegan for almost a month now, after being educated through videos on Youtube by many animal protection organisms. I started doing meatless Mondays, but I was beginning to feel bad whenever I ate meat or animal products. I felt disgusted, wrong. The feeling I get today is that I don't want to use animals - unless it's "hugging use".

I'm a Brazilian, but I live in Paris.

I'd love to go out and meet new members. I also like to cook and it's awesome to learn about vegan cuisine.

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    Posted by Chrisaen at 02/23/16 06:38:47

    welcome to HappyCow. I´ve joined this community just a few months ago as well :-)

    Congratulations on your decision to go vegan. Have you been in any vegan restaurants in Paris yet?

    I love Paris, but havent been there since 2011 which is quite a long time if you ask me :D
    My hubby and I will run a half marathon in Paris this year in September.. cant wait!!

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    Posted by anahidscv at 02/26/16 12:59:19

    Welcome to HappyCow. What a great decision you have made to improve your life, the life of the animals and help save the environment. You can transform your cultural traditional dishes into vegan dishes simply living out the meat and using milk alternatives.

    Visited Paris few years ago, very short time in Paris as I was on a cruise. I would love to one day fly and stay there at least two weeks. Absolutely beautiful.

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