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I'm new to happy cow and I am currently a Vegetarian. I really want to be a Vegan but I have no idea how. Vegans, can you give me advice on any vegan foods, brands and restaurants to try?

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    Posted by RJS at 07/10/15 12:41:11


    I found several Facebook groups helpful, local groups where people share vegan stuff they've found in your area are good.
    Get your protein from trying to include nuts,seeds,beans,lentils,soya,TVP in your diet.
    Eat lots of different coloured fruit and veg.
    Check ingredients lists of stuff in shops before you buy.
    There are so many amazing vegan recipes on the internet ( Pinterest is good)
    You can either cut out dairy all in one go or cut down gradually but I think a month without dairy all together really helps get rid of cravings.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 07/11/15 05:55:06

    Most libraries offer books on Vegan diet and philosophy.

    The library where I live has two book sales a year. I've purchased scores of books at these sales, including books on veganism...for as little as ten cents apiece.

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    Posted by at 09/20/15 18:29:36

    It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm also new to the forum and am looking for new friendships.

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