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I just registered for this site because I recently made the decision to become a vegetarian. I am completely appalled by the way that animals are treated that become food. I know this is going to be hard. There are a lot of family gatherings where meat is the main dish and most of the time the only dish. I know i'm going to get slack, but I don't care. I can't contribute to the cruelty anymore. I'm 27 and that means 27 years of animals being tortured to feed me. I'm sick, I can't stand it. I love animals, I have a small animal refuge in my house. I have 2 dogs, 11 cats, 8 guinea pigs, 4 mice, 1 hamster and 13 rats, all of which are rescues that I love and would do anything for. How can I continue to eat meat when I feel so strongly about animal rights. I really need people to talk to that share my beliefs. No one in my family does including my husband. I also have an 18 month old daughter who I would like to be a vegetarian with me. I know this will bring up a lot of problems from family members. I really need some support, words of wisdom or anything that anyone has to offer to me.

Thanks so much,

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    Posted by Laurabanks at 07/09/08 12:10:02

    Hi Jenny (thats my daughter's name too!) I live in a small rural town and being vegetarian is just not understood at all. Its..what do you eat, salads? Its also a huge hunting town, with 2 chicken processing plants. Daily I'm faced with horrors done to animals. I've had to find a way to cope. Fortunately, I work out of town and its easier. I've learned that trying to explain my reasons for being veg just fall on deaf ears. So I say, its just my choice to do this. People will often respond..oh I should stop eating so much meat, I just can't. I say nothing, except maybe, if you really wanted to you could. I don't argue, don't try to convince or persuade. I've learned that setting an example of a lifestyle choice is a much better way to show others how good it can be. I often invite people over and they never miss the meat part of the meal, only comment on how good the food is. This might be a good way to deal with family gatherings. Just fix your food, and never say its meatless (you'll get comments like-oh is this that tofu stuff), but when they try it they will certainly be surprised.
    Be sure you consciously eat a balanced diet and take vitamins. If I were you, I'd consult a pediatrician before changing your daughters diet. She needs things in her diet, which I'm sure can be found in a veg diet, but you will need some determination and help to keep her healthy. Hang in there. You've made the right choice! Laura

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    Posted by Katylynn2000 at 07/10/08 10:09:34

    We have a lot of similarities... Are you going Vegan, then? I also went Vegan just one day - never even was a vegetarian. I agree with the pp, don't try to change views - just smile. Actually, I have kind of learned more about the impact on the environment that eating meat and by product of the animal and the devestation it causes. So, I don't go on about animal abuse and torture - I will just say "Did you know one fast food hamburger takes down 55 sq ft of the rainforest?" People are much more inclined to talk about it if you talk about the environment and footprint on the world in my experience and humble opinion.
    Research everything yourself but I have to say it... please be careful of soy products. Limit it in small moderation. Personally, I would not give it to your daughter at all. Link:
    My daughter is 2.5 years old. I will occassionally give her a glass of chocolate soy milk. We don't give her cows milk at all but she eats cheese. I haven't tried to turn my daughter over for a lot of reasons. My husband is also a meat eater who supports me but doesn't believe in my cause. He is a Chef so he cooks a lot of meals for me. Anyway, I just offer my daughter a lot more Vegan options and limit her animal product intake.
    Oh, and when people say "Ug - I could never give up meat." I always laugh and say "It is easier than you think once you find out what is really in your meat!" I just end it there.
    Recommended read for you: Skinny Bitch. Great book - gives you a lot of insight.

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    Posted by boonpek at 09/09/08 07:43:02

    Hi jenny, I had just registered for this site one hour ago also! I would agree you make a right decision become VEGETARIAN! I'm vegetarian since I was 10 years old, almost 25 years I had been vegetarian and found that my body is amazing healthy and strong, never seeing doctor in 25 years! I've a daughter who turn 4 years old this coming week! she also vegetarian since she was born, she is healthy and strong than a boy!!
    I love animals too, I realizes that anyone has a soul even in animals, as its no smart as human but its has love like human. Did you seen the mother of animals killing its kids? or protect and giving love and compassion more than human being. Please do not regret for choose as a Vegetarian! It is a right path and must be for a human being.
    Go Ahead! Don't worry for how people look at you, you will be you!

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    Posted by DebraB at 07/22/09 20:09:07

    I registered here to find others who support the choice to become a Vegan. All it took was watching the news about the egg farms and the hidden camera which led me to the internet to get even more shocked. It's been about three months now since I stopped eating meat, dairy, and eggs. My problem is that I don't know any other vegans and some of my friends think I'm crazy (they even make fun of me). Some even get defensive when I talk to them about it as they think Im trying to convert them or something. I was telling them the story of how they take the baby calf away from the mother after it's born so they can take the milk "for us" instead of the calf. Her response was "yeah, so what about it" Then I practiced some diplomacy and changed the subject. Her father hunts and her husband is a butcher in a supermarket.
    So I am basically on my own here not knowing if there are any vegans here in North Jersey that I can talk to. This is why I am here.

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    Posted by Aloo at 07/26/11 19:40:22

    Hi Jenny,

    I think just about everyone who is vegetarian, and vegan has had some resistance to it from family or friends. It is hard.

    I became vegetarian at the age of 9, and my family thought it was a phase I was going through. Twenty five years later, I turned vegan and I had pretty much the same response, indifference and a lack of understanding. Even a lack of wanting to understand, or cater. It just makes you want to scream!

    The thing to remember is that you need to be true to you, and you can't change other people. You are brave to act on your beliefs, and most people don't. In my experience, it is the people who object the most that actually wish they could be braver. I agree with Laelia, in not pushing your beliefs. People have to come to thier own stance, and if they are interested enough they will learn or ask.

    All I can say is stay strong, we are all over the world and with you in your committment to the animals (health and the environment.

    Good on you!

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    Posted by Laelia at 07/24/11 21:25:02

    My family is all stereotypically meat and potatoes, so I know what it's like to baffle family members over being vegetarian (I went vegan about six months ago, and that confused them even more). The trick I found at family meals is to stand up for your beliefs but not push and diplomacy is key. I usually leave it up to my family members about whether or not we'll talk about veganism and don't have involved conversations where others can get away if they don't like the topic. That's not to say if they're making fun of it I won't defend myself though! In general I find if I don't push, my family is fine with it and accommodates me.

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