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I live in MT and there aren't any other vegetarians or vegans here except those who have to be for health related reasons. I just want a good vegan dating site suggestion or any other ideas that would help me find someone around here. if there are any single vegetarian or preferably vegan 20-something's here that would work too.

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    Posted by BarryBerger at 03/15/18 11:49:25

    I've tried several with mostly disappointing experience but there are PLENTY to avoid. After running from most of them with the intention of never returning, the only one I've found that 'seems' to have some promise is From discussions with other members I learned that this site runs with several different names but accessing the same user database. ....all running as part of the Conscious Dating Network. Good luck!

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    Posted by drewmunson at 03/17/18 03:08:36

    thanks a lot Barry, I'll be checking it out.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 03/18/18 02:39:55

    I tried Green Singles and the only vegan I chatted with got mad I wouldn't go to the Bay area to stay at his house for the weekend without even meeting him first...he's like I'm a gentleman, you can stay in the guest room...I'm like...I' Whatever.

    I haven't checked it in a while though. You might want to try Tinder and put that you are relationship-minded and vegan/vegetarian clearly in your bio so you'll attract the right people. So far I went out a couple of times with a vegetarian, and that didn't work out for non-related reasons, and I matched with a vegan guy in my class who I find attractive, but so far that's proved awkward more than anything. We'll see.

    I live in a fairly isolated area but it is also pretty veg friendly in this town. I've considered opening up the scale to reach to the Bay area but that involves so much travel and drama.

    If you are willing to do that in your state - like open up your search to the next major city near your town - you might have more options.

    Good luck. You also might want to find a nice flexitarian you can convert easily who will promise not to eat meat around you and try to at least be vegetarian. I'm not saying that to be a jerk, I'm saying it really limits your options to only meet other veg*ns unless you're in a big veg-friendly city.

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