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Hello. New here obviously. New to everything really about vegan and vegetarian things. Haha.

I've tried to be vegan a few times, but I always fail. When I talk to people about becoming vegan, they tell how it's unhealthy and won't get nutrients I need.

Also, I'm surrounded by people who eat meat a lot and it's hard to transition from eating meat to not eating meat while everyone eats meat all the time.

I also think meat is an addiction in way.
But honestly I can taste the animal in the meats. Like pork and beef especially. Like I can taste the smell of the animal in the meat. It's weird I know. People tell me I'm weird that I even taste that.

I'm just so confused. I don't know how to transition living in a world where it's meat meat meat.

I guess I made a tiny step and I rather coconut milk than cow milk everyone else drinks. :/

I need advice.
I wanna hear about people who were in the same place as me and how they manage to be vegan or vegetarian.

Thank you in advance!

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    Posted by Wolfmoon at 04/01/17 17:59:11

    Hi there and well done on giving the first steps to becoming vegan. :) I would recommend you do some research on nutrients and recipes and this page is perfect for that. If your concern is about protein, know that everything has protein even if only 0,5gs. Beans, chickpeas, mushrooms, nuts, soya and seitan (wheat gluten if you're not allergic) are very good sources. As to iron, you need to include beans, loads of leafy greens, pears and seeds (especially sesame seeds) in your meals. Always make sure you have your sources of iron with foods that are rich in Vit C as this vitamin helps iron absorption. Equally avoid coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, tea and chocolate at your meals as they do the opposite of Vit C. For calcium: kale and calcium-enriched milks. Also have a look at your local supermarkets and see what options they have available (check ingredients list if they don't specifically state that they are vegan or vegetarian). At the beginning it might be annoying to check ingredients but then you'll get to know all products and start selecting those you want.
    As to people's reactions, unfortunately you'll always have them, no matter how new or old you are to veganism. People think that vegans only eat broccoli and carrots because it doesn't cross their mind that we can make burgers our of chickpeas and sweet potatoes. ;) Do not engage in much conversation with meat-eaters who try to belittle you as this will just make you feel frustrated. Get yourself informed as much as possible so that you can reply to those who are honestly worried about you.
    I hope I could help. :) Good luck!

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 04/02/17 07:00:09

    All you need to do to be successful as a vegan is this:

    Buy nutritional yeast and sprinkle it on everything and cook with it too. This will give you vitamin B12 which is found in eggs and nutritional yeast and sublingual synthetic B12 supplements.

    Go to a web site called 'puritan's pride' and buy 'plant based' vegan D3. D3 is derived only from milk or from a vitamin supplement.

    Then eat plenty of many colored fruits and veggies every day. The different colors speak of different vitamins and minerals you will need.

    That is it.

    Now enjoy the voyage. You will learn a lot over many years.

    As far as your connecting with the animals in meat and feeling that pain, and noticing that meat is an addiction, and feeling surrounded by meat eaters; that is how it is. This is the most normal thing you have said. It means you still have a heart.

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    Posted by salinas95 at 04/02/17 09:41:54

    Thanks everyone for all the tips! :)

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 04/03/17 07:45:45

    One more important thing. Have starch at every meal. Have rice or potato or bread or pasta with all fruit meals or veggie meals. Some people try to eat no starch because they think this is a way to loose weight, having done this on their previous bad Karma carnivorous diet. Without starch you will get diarrhea if you only are eating fruits and veggies.

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