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Hi Guys,

I'm a brand new vegetarian (4th day today). I've done a lot of research on food balance and nutrition when switching and finally decided to make the switch this week.

I am very focused on living healthy and have recently started running. Tomorrow I will do my first outdoors 5km run. Very excited!

My question is this: how do I eat around my training to make sure I have the right amount of protein and carbs for the session. 5km is only 30minutes to me, but in a normal training schedule I do 60minutes of cardio and muscle training and suspect I need to eat "smarter".

If anyone can suggest a book or website or have personal knowledge to share, I would much appreciate it :-)

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    Posted by Yoshi at 12/22/13 01:39:26

    Don't worry about it. I'm vegan and regularly run between 40-60 miles/week. The only time I've ever put any thought into my protein intake was after a foot injury where I wasn't able to run for an extended period of time and had to rebuild a lot of the muscle that I lost. If you're running for an hour or more be sure to eat some carbs shortly after (within 30 minutes) to help replenish your glycogen stores. The book 'Thrive' by Brendan Brazier is a good read if you're interested in Veg sports nutrition.

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    Posted by rae*of*sunshine at 12/22/13 11:46:03


    I also recommend No Meat Athlete.

    I've never given much thought to macro balancing. I *do* like to take in something for long runs (usually 45 min into a 90 min run, or every couple miles for a half) but not necessary for anything under 10 k.

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    Posted by MHC48 at 12/23/13 12:45:47

    to start with

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    Posted by bretbrown at 12/24/13 07:01:48

    Since you are newly vegetarian I think it is appropriate to be concerned about your exercise nutrition. Everyones bodies are different. You may need to increase your protein intake too avoid using up muscle tissue if you are burning alot of calories. I have to do a preworkout (carbs and protein;4/1) and post workout meal. After 1 to 2 hrs I will take a break and eat in the middle of a workout. You may need to eat more now that you are vegetarian.

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    Posted by TheveggieChef at 12/31/13 21:36:15

    Also Scott Jurek's book, 'Eat and Run' is one I would recommend, my friend who is a runner became vegan after reading this.

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    Posted by zeebonk at 01/03/14 04:52:37

    I would also recommend the No Meat Athlete site (and also book).

    The book Thrive and Eat and Run mentioned above are also very good.

    What you need, in terms of food, is carbs. That is the single most important nutrient for athletes. Personally I bring dates and/or bananas on my long runs (anything above 2h) and make an post run smoothie based on water, bananas some kale and some berries (or any other fav fruit mix...).

    Sorry to have contradict bretbrown but you do not have to think that much or consider any extra protein intake. You will not lose muscle tissue unless you are starving.

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