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Hello All,

I just became 100% vegan about a week ago. I'm looking to surround myself with like minded people as I don't have anyone I know personally that would consider going vegan just yet.

If anyone wants to connect either on FB, Snap Chat or Instagram let me know!

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    Posted by teog at 05/16/16 15:25:19

    yes i am in the same place.

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    Posted by LetsvegAboutit at 05/18/16 04:17:11

    That would be nice to meet with others & to encourage one another!

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    Posted by PhoenixVegan at 06/19/16 14:22:47

    always great to connect with other like minded people!

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    Posted by simmiefairy at 07/28/16 11:47:02

    Hello :)
    I'm Simone, 16 years and vegan sometimes raw vegan.
    I love photography, making food and being active.
    My Instagram is @simmiefairy - feel free to message me.

    Kind Regards

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    Posted by Chloecosmos at 08/15/16 13:48:20

    Hi I'm Chloe! Feel free to message me to on my Instagram! (@cokorose)☺️✨

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    Posted by ChiaChild at 08/16/16 08:47:30

    Hi Dorothy
    Went vegan this week on day 2 how are you going being vegan?

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    Posted by Jaiprem at 08/17/16 04:05:42

    Hi, all. I've got 2 months of strict vegan under my belt, and so far I'm loving the challenge... right until my in-laws pull out the good (read evil) cheeses. That's the hardest to walk away from for me.

    I'd love to connect with like-minded folks to keep each other motivated and share ideas, philosophy, etc. I'm rcmason on Facebook and LinkedIn. Feel free to connect.

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    Posted by TheVeganEdition at 08/18/16 09:58:36

    Hello! We are the Vegan Edition - a digital magazine on all things vegan from fashion, lifestyle, health and beauty so if you are new to veganism or just feel like a bit of inspiration feel free to check us out.

    The Vegan Edition Team

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    Posted by CeeKay at 04/28/17 08:44:45

    I am also new to Veganism, a little over a month now and I can't see myself going back, ever! My Instagram is: myvegetale

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