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Hi ! I'm 15 & I live in France. I went vegan about 3 months ago and I wish I had vegan friends or at least vegetarian friends. So if you want to talk to me so that we could be friend just send a message I'd love to !!! thanks

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    Posted by xdementedlovex at 07/19/16 06:20:27

    Hi monaveggie, I am in the same boat except I'm in the States. I haven't any vegetarian/vegan friends I actually talk to and I have been searching other sites, but it seems like people make profiles then never get back on. Anyway, I'd love more friends as well!

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 07/23/16 05:51:32

    hi guys! : ) You guys might want to consider Twitter. Follow vegans. Tons will follow u back. Search #vegan #WhatVegansEat or #GoVegan. Ive seen many ppl tweet something like "I need more #vegan friends & support. Fave this if want to be friends" and lots of ppl will fave. Then many will exchange Snap info w you & u get to know each other by watching each others stories every day & u build quite a fun vegan network.

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    Posted by simmiefairy at 07/28/16 11:21:29

    I want vegan/vegetarian friends as well. It's so lonely without one. Haha, sounds stupid? Just sent you a private message.

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