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Hello everyone! :D I'm starting an orginazation online for the prevention of animal cruelty, animals are the most innocent creatures on the planet, no matter how many times human beings have hurt these beautiful creatures they have always given us a second chance at forgiveness, it's a gift from the creator to allow us to coexist as a community of creatures.
email me at thank you
peace and love.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 07/08/14 07:23:58


    There are already many organizations that have been fighting for the rights of non-human animals for many years.

    Rather than start another, why not support those who have been doing this for decades and longer?

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    Posted by AlyssaBrown at 07/08/14 07:37:55

    Because I have a series of alternative changes I can implement to which I believe would impact not only animals and people. Organizations such as Peta are brilliant yet are very opinionated. The vision isn't one's general perspective, it's a collaboration of ideas where we as a community work together.
    Peta like many other groups were founded at a beginning during some point of time. I'm going to do the same.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 07/08/14 07:58:12

    "People" (meaning humans, I assume) are also animals.

    The very phrase "people and animals" reinforces the false idea that humans are separate and "above" the other animals. I know this comes mostly from scripture...but I don't buy into the concept of human superiority.

    I believe PETA has a quarter of a million members, who collaborate in their work.

    Aren't we all "opinionated"?

    Animal rights and vegan organization have millions of members worldwide. The people and industries who profit from the abuse of non-human animals work very hard to divide and conquer us. They would much rather see a lot of small groups than the large (and effective) ones.

    I would suggest forming a local branch of PETA or one of the other large groups if accomplish the most good...

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    Posted by AlyssaBrown at 07/08/14 08:13:40

    I understand your point of view and suggestion however I'm still going to pursue my own Group. Thank you.

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