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My name is Michelle. I love cooking very much. I'am vegetarian for three years. I have a lot of respect for animals and nature. I have a small biodynamic garden with a pond, a spiral of herbs and flowers. Here are more bees, butterflies and other animals such as frogs and toads and many types of birds.
This vegetarian forum is very nice!

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/09/16 05:43:47

    Michelle Rose-

    What a lovely name!

    Yes, it's nice to be a vegetarian! I first experienced the feeling in 1975.

    It's even nicer to be a vegan! It means expanding one's circles of compassion to include even more animals (both human and non-human)!

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    Posted by Michelle Rose at 02/09/16 07:47:06

    I like to share this with other people who think like me.
    Unfortunately we are still a few but I hope things will change when people become more aware.
    Nice to meet you.

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    Posted by La_diavolo at 02/09/16 08:18:52

    Hi Michelle Rose
    Your garden seems like a little paradise. Post and share some pictures.Namaste

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    Posted by Michelle Rose at 02/09/16 10:21:17

    Hi, La diavolo
    Nice to meet you, you're right, my garden is just a little paradise. I do not use chemicals , only natural things.

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    Posted by anahidscv at 02/09/16 14:59:28

    Nice to meet you Michelle Rose. Your garden sounds like a very peaceful beautiful place. I am glad you are vegetarian, and hope that soon you will be vegan, to save the mother cows and their babies.

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    Posted by bruno.assaz at 02/10/16 02:09:54

    Hello, Michelle

    Thanks for sharing your feeling about being vegetarian with us. Keep the good work and, as far as possible, expand your biodynamic garden (don't forget walls make great spaces ;). Just like La_diavolo, I'd love to see a photo of your little space.

    Kind regards,

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    Posted by Michelle Rose at 02/10/16 06:08:45

    Hi Anahidscv,
    I do not drink milk for 10 years. I drink vegetable ( soy , rice, almond, millet, oats ...). I do not like cheese.

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    Posted by La_diavolo at 02/10/16 07:12:11

    How do you fertilize the ground for flowers and herbs, what do you use ?

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    Posted by Michelle Rose at 02/10/16 08:16:32

    I use organic waste ( compost ) that I do at home. I found this product : the actual microorganisms ( batteria and yeasts ) .
    I advise you tu inform you is a very interesting product.
    100% natural

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    Posted by Woodoo at 02/10/16 08:57:58

    Nice to meet you :)

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    Posted by La_diavolo at 02/12/16 11:40:32

    Thanks a lot Michelle Rose !

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