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Hi y'all,

Just felt like writing some general thoughts here.

In my attempt to transform and change my health and lifestyle for the better, one of the major things I did was figure out a workout routine that would suit me.

I have forced myself to run, I had trained in a gym for two years, but to be perfectly honest my faith in working out had sort of made me oblivious to the actual food I ate as I thought I was overcompensating the - for lack of a better word, crap - I was eating anyways.

Sorry, I digressed... I recently tried to get back into a workout routine, and I took a different route - kickboxing. Lo and behold, I loved it, and it was the most badass thing I had ever seen or done. It just feels RIGHT and AMAZING. So for those of you around the world, especially those who have had the idea of kickboxing in the furthermost corner of their mind, get out there and see what classes you can find. For those of you based in the US, consider Ilovekickboxing. I just joined them three weeks ago, and their group classes are intense and badass. A lively community, with a great atmosphere. See what there is for you to find. If you consider kickboxing, take a step forward and try out a class. Make that dream a reality, because you may discover it could have been the best decision you ever made.

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