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Pending verification of my credentials, I have a new teaching job. I've been looking for a new position ever since I was advised on 2/14/2013 that the Culinary Arts program would be terminated at year's end due to budget cuts.

I'll be working at a rural district that's a 90 minute round trip commute from my current home in Arizona.

I used to think that my home was rural ... but this job is located in a community that's so rural, it only has a post office, gas station, and sandwich shop that sells nuts from the pecan orchard and wine from the local vineyard.

All of the other businesses on Main Street have long since been boarded up ... the local diner, motel, hardware store, and grocery store are all closed. On the edge of town is an old Texaco gas station with rusted pumps that look like they date back to the 50's or 60's.

I wonder whether the owner has ever considered selling these pumps as there are collectors out there who would probably love to restore them. For that matter, as a chef, I wonder what sort of tools and equipment might still be found in the old diner.

Since this district is VERY SMALL and will only have 19 high school students next year ... that's 19 total in grades 9-12 ... teachers in this district have to wear multiple hats.

The superintendent is still looking to hire people but right now, my job next year will be to teach 2 sections of Culinary Arts and up to 4 sections of history. I will also be the career counselor and will be tasked to dispense my wisdom (such as it is) and advice for students regarding their future career plans. In addition to everything else, I will also be the FCLA coach (Future Culinary Leaders of America).

Surprisingly enough, I'll be making $2500 more than I did with my last district. Go figure. I'm not going to complain because the extra money will be needed to pay for my gas.

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    Posted by DC1346 at 07/26/13 14:26:37

    As it turns out, I'm unemployed ... again.

    The district that was going to hire me went through some changes. The superintendent resigned before offering me a contract. On his authority as the acting superintendent, the business director decided to save money by not hiring any new teachers. The sole remaining teacher will supervise the students in the computer room. All classes will now be conducted on-line.

    Although I can't fault the district for wanting to save money, I am miffed that they didn't tell me that they were planning to do this. No one thought to tell me that my position had been terminated. I could have spent the month looking for another job and actually turned down two out of state interviews because I thought I had a job.

    When I called on Tuesday to find out where my contract was, I was told "Contract? What contract? Oh ... we decided not to hire any teachers this year. We're moving to an on-line based school."


    I'm blessed that I have sufficient resources to survive for a few years ... certainly long enough to find another job perhaps at midyear and to relocate.

    Since I stopped looking for a job after the superintendent offered me employment, I've missed out on some other opportunities. Even if something were to become available, I don't see myself moving on short notice.

    I've long since reached the point where I can't pack up my belongings in a U-Haul.

    Even if I were able to find employment as well as a moving company - I don't particularly want to live out of boxes and would prefer having time to unpack.

    A community college within extreme commuting distance has posted a vacancy. I've applied for this job.

    We will see what happens.


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