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Hi, all. New member here. I'm excited to look around and see what's happening on this forum.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/15/15 08:43:03

    Welcome! Be sure and tell others about it. This site has great potential!

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    Posted by LilithZearott at 01/15/15 09:19:14

    Welcome, I'm new here as well.

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    Posted by MyGreenDiaries at 01/18/15 16:30:16

    Im new here as well and I'm looking for some vegan recipes. I have found some already and have them up on my instagram. If your on there and want some inspiration I'm at @mygreendiaries (Harmeet) xx

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    Posted by Akando at 04/16/15 20:35:50

    Hello friend how are u..
    I am here because i love animals and want others support.Hope you will join me regarding animals and will see all animal equally and love them and also forward this message to friends and family..

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 04/17/15 04:55:43


    "One day it will be remembered that the world view of the human species in the 20th century was so perverted that most humans could not recognize the most blatant, the most widespread, and the most destructive form of racism - that with which the human race separates itself from all the other inhabitants of this planet."

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