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Hello everyone! My name is Holly and I am a new member. I'm not sure how this site works yet but I am figuring it out. I am interested in becoming a vegetarian and eventually a vegan. Any advice?

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    Posted by Dianaplz at 06/14/15 18:43:56

    Hello Holly my names Diana I'm also new to this site and new to veganism. Hope we both learn and grow good luck!

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    Posted by Unnamed Narrator at 06/16/15 06:55:40

    Hi Holly! Welcome!

    I suppose that more information would be helpful before I can share any advice with you. Why have you decided to change your diet?


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    Posted by RJS at 06/20/15 02:51:45

    Hi Holly,

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    Posted by chalybeus at 06/20/15 15:58:45

    Hi. I am new to Happy Cow, but have been vegan for about 5 years. I made the transition gradually from vegetarian, by building up my knowledge of vegan recipes and vegan options at eating out places. If I could choose vegan I did, and soon I was all vegan. After undertaking a university degree in Human Nutrition I would strongly advise B12 and Iron supplements. It is possible to get these nutrients from food but it can be difficult and the literature I read indicated that deficiencies in Iron and/or B12 were reasons that people stopped being vegan after a time (being diagnosed with pernicious anemia or anemia). The other major challenge I found is the social aspect. For example I have an elderly friend who spent hours making me a cake, which she explained with great pride she had made dairy free because she had heard I don't have dairy & it was an extra expense for her because she's on a tight budget, but it contained eggs! So do I offend by not eating or eat it despite my convictions? I found it helpful to have thought through my responses to these sorts of issues before being faced with them.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/21/15 04:53:30

    There have been numerous extended discussions about B12 here and on thousands of other websites.

    Try a search here or google "B12 and Iron sources for vegans".

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    Posted by at 09/20/15 18:32:14

    Welcome Holly. I'm also new here. It's a pleasure to meet you.

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    Posted by MajaMoixi at 12/03/15 05:45:59

    Hello, I'm new as well! ^^

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    Posted by Aloo at 12/03/15 16:30:45

    HI Holly,
    Welcome! How are you going? I am interested to learn why you are wanting to become (eventually) vegan? Everyone is different. But it is that seed that becomes the branch to hold onto when things get a little rough, if that makes sense.

    For me, I do it for the animals. I love all beings, and I could no longer know/learn what I found about how we treat them and support it.

    So whenever things feel overwhelming, or difficult. I remember why I am vegan and that I am making a difference to those animals.

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