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Today in Advanced Home Ec.(Yes that really does exist) my Home Ec. teacher gave me back a project involving healthy meal planning using the food pyramid. My meal plan obviously contained no meat and she took off 30/100 points because of the "lack of protein in my diet". Which is A. not true and B. an unintelligent remark. There was plenty of protein, but no meat. She got all mad, and I was late to my Adavanced Algebra 1 because I argued with her for 20 minutes! Ridiculous right?

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    Posted by Tatiana at 09/29/08 17:55:23

    You should bring her a copy of the vegan or vegetarian food guide pyramid. Here's a good link to the ADA's information:

    Sounds like she might need some education!

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    Posted by emmi1231 at 09/29/08 18:43:37

    Maybe I will! Thank you!

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    Posted by veganinvegas at 03/09/09 11:22:38

    Unfortunatly, it's not just teachers. It's my son's baseball coach who insists he needs "animal protein" to become a great athlete or it's the nutritionist at the local hospital who refuses to believe that I can live without animal protein etc.

    Just find substantiation (like the ADA pyramid) and keep educating people. Sooner or later, something will change.

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