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Hi all !

This is my first post in this forum, but I sincerely hope not the last.
I'm Bénédicte, I'm French and I try to make a transition to vegan after years of ignorance.

At first, I was just curious about being slim, then being healthy.
So I was curious and read a lot of blogs, watched a lot of youtube videos.

I like animals, of course, but I like humans too (at least most of them). And then, I saw documentary about GMO and more specifically about Monsanto.
And I am so in shock about what happens to farmers that don't want to be a part of it, and are forced to, I'm even more feeling bad to see HOW MANY products are actually more or less related to Monsanto (even Apple and Microsoft).
I feel a bit scared and panicked, because I want to do something, but feel so lonely facing those giants.

Am I the only one ? Is there anywhere I can go ? Somehting I can do ?

I am not extreme in my words and thoughts, because I'm conscious that we cannot radically change the world in one year (and I definitely need to use microsoft for my work). So, what is it about ?

I sincerely hope to meet great people over here and share loads of strategies.

Sorry for the long post, I was desperate !

See you all soon :) :)

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