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Maybe other people go through similar things, ok they probably do. But it's something that makes me really angry. My work is dedicated to making sure there is no discrimination based on age/race/gender/sexual orientation/culture...which is great! but there seems to be no restriction on goading and questioning non-meat eaters. This is also discrimination. If you experience anything like this then please comment.

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    Posted by WallysButton at 09/24/13 10:01:03

    Are you talking about discrimination at work or elsewhere?
    Personally, I happen to be very lucky in terms of where I work. I work in the HR department for a huge Natural Foods cooperative and there are many vegans that either work here or shop in our stores...
    That being said, the place where I feel the discrimination is in my personal life. Most of my family just doesn't understand. My husband isvery supportive. He's not a vegan, but he totally supports me and we've actually gotten really good at cooking meals at home that are easily converted for both of us. But some of my family is downright offended that I don't want to eat things that come from an animal.
    I have one brother who adamantly says he's an atheist, yet he'll quote the bible to me to try to convince me that being vegan is "against god's plan..."
    My mother-in-law constantly refers to the food I eat as "fake food!" I'm sorry, but I'm not the one eating stuff full of artificial flavors and things you can't pronounce!
    Anyway, sorry for the rant. I definitely see what you're saying about discrimination, but how do you correct it when it's your family and friends doing it?

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    Posted by Veganwithavengance at 10/01/13 20:38:04

    Speciesism is a bigger concern. Yes we will get stupid comments from ignorant people, that will always happen but what happens against the animals is about a billion times worse.

    Yeah that stuff gets annoying but you learn how to respond to it or ignore it. Don't let it affect you unless they are causing you physical harm then always stand up for yourself and don't allow it to keep happening. Though keep focused on the animals and their plight.

    Generally people use their jokes or verbal attacks on us as their way of coping with something they cannot understand. It is their defense mechanism to something they feel is attacking them because maybe it makes them look bad for not caring.

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