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Introduce Yourself - 2018 Let this be a place to publicly share a little about yourself and make friends in 2018. Here's the previous threads: Share your story, and introduce yourself to the community here. :o) Post Date: 04/20/18, Replies: 20 04/20/18 20
Introduce Yourself - 2017 Happy New Year- Since it's a new year, thought to continue the conversation in a new thread. Here's the previous threads: Who wants to be the first?! Share your story, and introduce yourself to the community here. :o) Post Date: 04/13/18, Replies: 39 04/13/18 39
Hi Beautiful People. New here Hi. New to the sight and just wanted to say hello. Recently relocated to a pretty rural area and have very little in the way of support - veg or otherwise. Looking forward to connecting with some like minded souls in this awesome community 😊 Post Date: 04/11/18, Replies: 1 04/11/18 1
Anyone Wanna Be Friends? I'm 17 and live in the US. I, unfortunately, do not live in a very vegan-friendly place and know absolutely no other vegans. It has become increasingly frustrating since I became vegan last July. I would really love to be able to talk freely to people about my beliefs surrounding this topic, or what I enjoy eating without getting a bunch of uncomfortable/judging stares/comments. :) Post Date: 04/10/18, Replies: 0 04/10/18 0
Test a new upcoming vegan app! Helloooo my fellow vegans! I come to you with some quick simple tests on an plant based vegan app. Your help is greatly appreciated to help us create an amazing app for the vegan community around us. It's a hard project to work on so we're trying to reach out to our vegan friends and fellow vegans around the world for some feedback. :^) Test 1 Test 2 Thank so much! If you would like to contribute more into helping conduct more tests please send me direct message for more information or have any questions about it! :) Have a wonderful day! Post Date: 04/06/18, Replies: 0 04/06/18 0
Hello + Research Project Hello everyone! My name is Aditi. I am a 21 year-old college student studying in New York City. There are two reasons I have joined the community, that I would like to share. The first one is that I am currently working on a research project from my Social Networking Class, that requires me to observe and participate in a single online community. Please know that my research and participation will culminate in a written report that will be seen only by my professor, and nobody else. I would genuinely appreciate your permission to observe and participate in the community. Please know that my observations will not at all be specific to any user, and no specific names will be included in my report. My participation in the group will also be genuine, as I have been trying for the past year to develop healthier eating habits. Last summer I discovered that I was intolerant to a number of foods and have been trying to find some delicious, vegan alternatives that would become a part of my daily diet. I would genuinely love some help and guidance, and I will be happy to provide the same. A little more of my history - I was born in India, lived in Oman for 8 years and in Dubai for 10, and now I've been in New York City for nearly three years. Post Date: 04/06/18, Replies: 1 04/06/18 1
Is there anybody who can relate? Hi, my name is Maitland and I live outside of a little town called Grangeville, ID. It’s a farming community, which means LOTs and LOTS of animal products. I’ve been full vegan for a month and 1/2 now and I’m finding it difficult to support this lifestyle. Everyone loves meat here! There aren’t and good vegan restaurants, they have a terrible selection of “health” foods and I really do feel like I’m all alone out here... Can anyone relate? Post Date: 04/06/18, Replies: 2 04/06/18 2
Language exchange I am an English language tutor living and working in Birmingham UK. I want to expand my Serbian beyond the odd word; you are Serbian and want to improve your English. If you're interested, write and let me know. I am an absolute beginner! Post Date: 04/06/18, Replies: 1 04/06/18 1
Teen vegan looking for friends Hi! I'm Sunna, 19 years old from Norway. I'm vegan. I'd like to meet some other vegans that preferably live in Europe (so I could come and visit) or just some online friends. I'm interested in music (alt. music, pop-punk, indie, rock). I also like fashion and fashion bloggers. I also have an interest in travel and films. I'd describe myself as someone you can trust and talk to. Post Date: 04/02/18, Replies: 3 04/02/18 3
Providing Updates and Education Hello. I am a newbie to Veganism and I am so passionate that I want to spread the word. I have created a Facebook Page called 'Gee's Vegan Updates' @GVeganU and was wondering if anyone would be interested in liking or following my page? I am continuously educating myself of Vegan information and would like to share these with people who are as passionate as I am. Thank you very much for your time. Post Date: 04/01/18, Replies: 0 04/01/18 0
Thessa is going vegan! Hi everyone, just new to veganism and I am really happy to be part of this community because this really helps me a lot to own up to a vegan lifestyle. Love the tips and topics here very interesting not to mention very informative! Post Date: 03/30/18, Replies: 1 03/30/18 1
Vegan Host family in France Hi! I am vegan and I'm going on an exchange year in France. The exchange program will find a host family for you, but finding your own is also an option, so I decided to at least attempt to find a vegan host family in France. So if there is any French people out there reading this willing to take in a Norwegian girl wanting to become fluent in French for a year unpaid, contact me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Post Date: 03/25/18, Replies: 0 03/25/18 0
Young Vegans. hey, my name is moon. i'm 20 years old from canada!! any other young vegans here? :) i'd love to talk to more vegan people around the world, and give each other advice, or talk about yummy food, or how easy or hard is it to be vegan depending on where you live! Post Date: 03/22/18, Replies: 6 03/22/18 6
Young vegetarian looking for friends Hello there! My name is Nicole and I'm a 17 year old vegetarian who's transitioning to veganism. :) I've only been a vegetarian for around 2 months now but I decided that I want to go fully vegan. I'm a total nerd, who loves videogames and books, and I absolutely have no vegan or vegetarian friends that can relate to me. So if your looking for the same, feel free to leave a comment or whatever, and I'll get back to you when I can. :) Post Date: 03/18/18, Replies: 3 03/18/18 3
need vegetarian/vegan girlfriend or I live in MT and there aren't any other vegetarians or vegans here except those who have to be for health related reasons. I just want a good vegan dating site suggestion or any other ideas that would help me find someone around here. if there are any single vegetarian or preferably vegan 20-something's here that would work too. Post Date: 03/18/18, Replies: 3 03/18/18 3
A Vegan-Friendly Natural Rubber Flip Flops As a social enterprise and promoting veganism we strongly believe that by leading a ethical and sustainable fashion and lifestyle will drive significant social change. Thus, we have created and design these awesome vegan-friendly and cruelty-free natural rubber thongs/flip flops for every vegans who wants to help us make a difference and bring about a cruelty-free and eco-friendly environment. For every pair of thongs you are sustaining your vegan lifestyle and help rubber farmers in Thailand get on their feet. Check out our website for more information about us and how you can make a difference Post Date: 03/16/18, Replies: 0 03/16/18 0
If You've Thought About Kickboxing, Do It. Hi y'all, Just felt like writing some general thoughts here. In my attempt to transform and change my health and lifestyle for the better, one of the major things I did was figure out a workout routine that would suit me. I have forced myself to run, I had trained in a gym for two years, but to be perfectly honest my faith in working out had sort of made me oblivious to the actual food I ate as I thought I was overcompensating the - for lack of a better word, crap - I was eating anyways. Sorry, I digressed... I recently tried to get back into a workout routine, and I took a different route - kickboxing. Lo and behold, I loved it, and it was the most badass thing I had ever seen or done. It just feels RIGHT and AMAZING. So for those of you around the world, especially those who have had the idea of kickboxing in the furthermost corner of their mind, get out there and see what classes you can find. For those of you based in the US, consider Ilovekickboxing. I just joined them three weeks ago, and their group classes are intense and badass. A lively community, with a great atmosphere. See what there is for you to find. If you consider kickboxing, take a step forward and try out a class. Make that dream a reality, because you may discover it could have been the best decision you ever made. Post Date: 03/11/18, Replies: 0 03/11/18 0
Survey Vegetarianism and Veganism - PIP Post Date: 03/06/18, Replies: 0 03/06/18 0
Survey Vegetarianism and Veganism - PIP Chargement en cours... Post Date: 03/05/18, Replies: 0 03/05/18 0
Jennifer Chambers of Slim and Trim Snacks Hi, I'm happy to be a part of the HappyCow community. I am Jennifer Chambers, an entrepreneur who left Wall Street to start a manufacturing company committed to dehydrating vegetables into tasty snacks. My first product line are kale chips in an assortment of flavors that are sold in Whole Foods Market on the east coast. My second product line, for which I am currently conducting an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to bring it to market, is a raw, vegan, gluten-free cauliflower cracker that is full of flavor, crispy, with no harmful or artificial ingredients, and it can be eaten on its own or as an accompaniment to a meal. It contains only cauliflower, sunflower, flax, pumpkin and sesame seeds as well as herbs and spices. No oil, sugar, grain, wheat, or preservatives. Whole Foods Market was so impressed with the samples we sent them that they committed to retail it even before we began production, and in anticipation of the demand based on the reviews we have gotten so far, we are raising funds via Indiegogo to help purchase the machine we need for volume production. You may check it out via this link. Post Date: 03/03/18, Replies: 0 03/03/18 0
YEAR 12 RESEARCH PROJECT hi guys apart of my research project this year i have decided to do my topic based on veganism. It would be brilliant if as many people as possible could respond to these survey questions below it would help my research out a lot. Your answers would remain anonymous and would be used in my folio section of my project and would be referred to in my final outcome. 1. How long have you been a Vegan for? 2. Why did you decide to become a Vegan? 3. Why do you believe animal liberation and animal rights are important? 4. Has being Vegan generated positive conversations and do you use this as an opportunity to spread awareness? 5. Do you believe there is a negative social stigmatism surrounding Veganism? If so why? 6. In what ways has Veganism affected mental health, whether it be positive or negative? 7. In what ways has Veganism affected physical health, whether it be positive or negative? 8. What foods do you regularly consume to maintain an adequate intake of iron, calcium, protein and Vitamin b12? 9. Do you believe consuming animal products significantly contributes to health issue such as high cholesterol, diabetes etc.? if so why? 10. What do you believe the main reasons for people consuming animal products and eating meat are? Post Date: 02/28/18, Replies: 0 02/28/18 0
Please help with my new vegan uni project! Hi there! My name is Arisa, I'm from the University of Greenwich in London. I am new to this community and I am conducting a project on vegans and vegan networking for my final year project and would love it if some of you could answer this 5 question survey. I swear it will only take you 30 seconds, 1 minute maximum! I know some of you may be thinking ' Yah right...' but I'm dead serious. It will only take you a few seconds and it would mean so much! Thank you :) Link: Post Date: 02/28/18, Replies: 3 02/28/18 3
Education Hi, vegpiople! Who knows some about Data Science. I try to find a course, campus (online education) or mentor from study. Post Date: 02/28/18, Replies: 1 02/28/18 1
New to Vegan cooking Hello I’m brand new to Vegan cooking and have made several dishes that I’m happy to say turned out great! Previously I never really believed Vegan recipes could be as good as traditional non-Vegan. Not only have I found that to be untrue, they aren’t just as good but are actually far more delicious! Recently I made a Vegan pasta dish with mushrooms, artichoke hearts, fresh spinach, spices , vegan cashew yogurt and vegan sour cream. It actually tastes far better than a similar dish I used to make using dairy and meat. This is so tasty and has a clean flavor I was not achieving using animal products Yay! So excited Post Date: 02/08/18, Replies: 2 02/08/18 2
Line caught fish - is it moral? Hi, as a potential convert to veganism, I wondered about others views on the morals of eating line caught fish. At present I eat fish and consider that as fish have been hunted since early on our evolutionary line and a reason for our widespread expansion, there is a strong argument that the consumption of fish is a more natural process than even arable farming which itself can be held responsible the the destruction of vast areas of natural habitat #palm oil. Thank you. Post Date: 02/07/18, Replies: 1 02/07/18 1
Help me choose a new vegan product name :) Hello, I am Dace from Nature Foods. This is a truly adventurous year, I am learning something new about plant-based diet every day. Our team is working on a new healthy drink (a plant-based milk alternative made from peas) and would love to hear your thoughts on how our new product should be named. This milk alternative drink is packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals that are important for everyone (but especially for vegan diet, such as calcium, vitamin D, B12, omega 3 and so on). The drink is dairy, gluten, soy, and nut free. It's made from pea protein and of course, it's totally vegan friendly. 
This little survey shouldn't take up more than 2 minutes of your time. or short link: Also feel free to comment with anything else you would like to add. :) All answers are anonymous. Thank you in advance! Sending you all good vibes! Post Date: 01/29/18, Replies: 0 01/29/18 0
Vegans / vegetarians in Nanjing? Hello! Are there any vegans or vegetarians in Nanjing that would like to go out for a meat-free meal or grab a drink? Or even just have a walk? I'd love to meet some like-minded people! Best wishes, Monika Post Date: 01/18/18, Replies: 0 01/18/18 0

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