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Hi all!
Good people please help!

We have a male cat who had kittens with other female cat. Cat gave birth in neighbours garden and neighbours don't want to give us kittens.
Do they have a right to do that?
If not, is there any legal way to get them back?

Neighbours don't want to give them to us, we already asked them many times :(

Please help!!!

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 04/14/18 12:36:32

    I would call the local police in your area and ask them. Technically, the cat and kittens are on their property. But you "own" the cat and take care of it. So by extension, the kittens are from the cat. You own them and are ethically responsible for their care. I'm not a lawyer, but I would logically approach this in this manner. Getting a lawyer is expensive and the kittens will probably be grown cats before this is resolved. Document all your verbal requests with your neighbors. Also send a certified mail letter or FedEx overnite with signature required, notifying them of your request to have your cat and kittens returned to you. Then you have a written record.

    Obviously, your neighbors don't care about you. Its their karma also. Do unto others. Hope you get your cat and kittens back.

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