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Various 'isms' can get somewhat wooly at the extreme edges. OK, I think that we might all agree that we actively do not want to become consciously involved in exploiting either animals, birds, and fish. Such might even say include germ carrying flies or maggots. But what about bacteria? If we get bad bacteria in our systems we all surely want it out? But what about the exploitation of good bacteria, say in the productiuon of a scar reducer such as 'nattokinase?' Hmmmm........

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    Posted by Longdrive at 01/20/13 13:19:09

    I didn't even get a single second this time round to correct a silly spelling error. This too short (or on occasions non-existant) 5 minute rule (which did not kick in this time) - which I have previously complained about - needs seriously looking at!

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/01/13 05:53:44

    There's been a long-time confusion about the definition of "animal" but not among those who've taken a biology course and learned taxonomy. Birds and fish are animals. Bacteria are not.
    The really important point is that humans are also members of the animal kingdom. The phrase "humans and animals" is as ill-informed as saying "carrots and vegetables". The phrase is explained by the human illusion of superiority over the other animals (and nature in general) and the ensuing philosophical separation in the minds of humans. I go into detail about this in my third book, "The First ISM".

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    Posted by fuz1987 at 02/04/13 10:09:23

    It is NOT psychological. The term 'animal' is socially constructed and like all terms and ideas is historically located. What we consider an animal will change and has already changed from its original definition. Rather than looking at what is an 'animal' we would be better served by looking at where the term originates and how that has affected its current location in society. The long and short of it is that any scientific answer is lacking as animal is not a value-free term.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/25/13 08:25:19

    To fuz

    Some of the cultural definitions are addressed in Dictionaries, and well as the scientific definition.

    I go into some detail about this in my last book, "The First ISM".

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    Posted by savetheanimals at 03/27/13 12:58:45

    Any biology textbook can tell you what an animal is. Bacteria is not an animal. The categories of animals are: Mammals (this is the group humans are in), Birds, Fish, Invertebrates (This is the group that flies and there babes (maggots) are in),Reptiles and Amphibians. Vegans don't kill or exploit any animals so if you still have a fly swatter in your house it is time to throw it away. You can catch the fly and let it live outside you house.

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    Posted by piotr111 at 09/05/14 05:58:38

    Don't ask "what" but "who" animal is.

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