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Conklin Dairy Farms is a little bit of hell on earth, thanks to the evil acts of its employees. I saw about two seconds of a video that I did not intend to watch, (I was looking up the article and it had a video that started automatically), and I felt so traumatized by what I saw that my whole body is still shaking from it. What sort of evil has to be firmly established in the anemic little heart of a person, for one to so casually and so joyfully inflict such suffering?The Video speaks for itself. The article cannot prepare you for the horror of it. I admit that being from Michigan I heard plenty of stories about how Ohio was sleezy and backward, (like Detroit, but I thought this was the Ohio-Michigan rivalry speaking), but according to the article this immoral and inhumane behavior is the norm across the country. The commercial farming industry cannot regulate itself. Factory farming must go! If they so casually torture and kill these animals, how do they treat people in their daily life? An FBI profiler might tag them all as potential serial killers based upon this behaviour. An entire industry of Jeffrey Dahmers. (I can see why the Deity would regret humans).

Let me tell you this: If you spend a penny in this industry then you are in on it. If you patronize any part of the commercial farm industry you, yourself, may as well be one of these people throwing a calf on the ground and stomping its head until it is dead. That's right. You don't have to buy name brand milk and meat. You can support local farms, co-ops and farmer's markets. You can force these industries to change by how and where you spend your money. You have the power right now to force change and at the same time support sustainable farming in your own community, and all you have to do is not buy any commercially produced meat and dairy. In fact, go vegan! Go vegan and buy local and/or non-commercially produced foods.

Don't turn away in disgust and do nothing just because you think you can't do anything, or worse yet - because you are TOO BUSY TO DO SOMETHING. All that is required for evil to win is for good people to do nothing. Do something. Do something now. Allowing this to go on speaks volumes of our character and morals as a people. If we act together as a group, we can accomplish anything.

UNION COUNTY OHIO HAS A D.A, and he is on Facebook and Twitter.


Contact Bob or Gary Conklin

*****(614) 395-2936 Cell******

• (614) 873-8024 Offi ce •

(614) 873-3383 Fax

12939 US 42, Plain City, OH 43064


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    Posted by lmzeigler at 05/26/10 14:10:39

    Thank you for posting this. I received the video by email from Mercy for Animals and can not bring myself to watch it. The written description was horrific enough. I will definitely contact Union County and Conklin and add my voice to the protest.

    As someone who went vegan 1.5 years ago, I can not believe I supported the dairy industry for so many years. Never, ever again will one penny of my money go to it.

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