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I am in a situation. I have two german shepherds which I adore and I saved a puppy from the shelter back in July. Although I feel good, I can't get my mind off of the ones at the shelter on death row. I came across another puppy there at this moment and want to save her but I have no time and space for the 4th dog. I feel so aweful and feel terrible leaving her there. I also feel extremely sad to visit the shelter seeing so many wonderful animals in cages that will die. I work 9 hours a day with every other friday off, and don't have the time for a 4th dog. What do I do? I feel that once I bring another one, I will lack the care and attention the others deserve. I am told by my family that I can't save them all! Help.

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    Posted by Veganwithavengance at 09/19/13 12:05:51

    You have to be able to separate yourself from the horrible things that happen in this world. You have to fight like hell to end them but you cannot get emotionally involved. When you become emotional in many cases it hurts the message you are trying to send and you have to just present facts.

    Don't go to the shelter, don't think about all those in the shelter. Focus on moving society forward and moving yourself forward. You are not a "superhero" nobody is not even if you burned every slaughterhouse and liberated every lab because the only way to end this is to change the society which we as destructive selfish humyn beings created. Part of that is not only working towards animal rights and liberation but also towards voluntary humyn extinction. If we make animal exploitation less profitable we can make some decent changes at the very least.

    You will be a far better activist for the animals, if you work for all of them and not try and limit yourself. It is hard, very very very hard but you need to do it because ALL ANIMALS NEED YOU! Focus on the facts and use emotion carefully and sparingly. If we look like sane rational people and make the industries that exploit animals look crazy and horrible, we can have more victory.

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    Posted by anahidscv at 09/19/13 14:58:47

    Thank you Veganwithavengance. You are absolutely right and that is the message my 22 yrs old daughter always tells me, "don't get emotional, otherwise people don't take you seriously." I guess I got myself attached to that puppy and just wanted to save her. I still think about her quite a bit. Thanks again.

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    Posted by Veganwithavengance at 10/01/13 21:08:00

    Hey, no problem! I know the feeling and it is always hard to break from it.
    You have a very bright daughter!

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    Posted by Worldly Wags at 10/23/13 03:37:06

    It is really hard when you get attached to shelter animals knowing that you can't take them home and you can't save them all! Its incredibly hard to fall in love with them and then watch them suffer.

    My suggestion would be instead of visiting the shelter, volunteer there! You would be surprised at how rewarding it feels to actually take an active step in helping the dogs and can relieve some of the pressure you feel to take them all home. If you continue to feel severely impacted then try finding a different way to help them. (Running an adoption website and promoting that, or doing less dog-intensive work for a shelter are a couple of ideas, but you can get very creative!)

    Being an advocate for animals is one of the toughest passions out there, its perfectly normal to become impacted by the work! Even the hardest, longest working animal welfare folks break down sometimes, so don't beat yourself up too much! Just try to figure out something you can do which won't burn you out :)

    Hope this helped!

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    Posted by DunkiesandDimeys at 06/18/14 13:36:58

    I'm so sorry to hear about such a troubling conflict. I know how that feels. Instead of adopting the animal yourself, you should try your best to get someone else to adopt it. Post on forums, Facebook, anywhere you can think of. Make fliers. Tell your friends. Do whatever you have to to save the animal.

    You can also try fostering the dog to see if it works out for you, or at least to get it out of there. By doing this, you will only have temporary discomfort, and the animal will be in a much better place. It may not get fully attached to you, anyways, if it finds a permanent home fast enough. It'll also increase the animal's chances of adoption, since you can tell your friends and family about how great it behaves in the home and you'll be able to take it out in public (even if just your neighbors know about it).

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    Posted by TofuMadness at 06/18/14 20:57:38

    For anyone who knows how to properly photograph shelter animals, this is a great way to volunteer and a really valuable service to help get them adopted.

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    Posted by The Hammer at 06/19/14 00:24:55

    a typical case of The Glass Is Half Full Or Half Empty.

    Instead of focusing on things you simply never ever can achieve (adopting ALL the dogs in that animal shelter, and feeling sad and guilty about it, you better focus on what you achieved and waht was in your limits; adopting several dogs.

    Seen it with people, they had the world on their shoulders and feel sad and frustrated 24-7 for the things they can NOT do and eventually in the end just gave it all up.

    Better focus on what you practically can do and celebrate anything you have achieved.

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