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As a lacto-ovo veg I have many dilemmas regarding my own beliefs and thoughts surrounding my diet. On the one hand, I want a natural diet for my digestive system. As far as the current scientific research shows, humans are considered omnivores (not carnivores and not strict herbivores) with a significant leaning towards plant matter. In the wild, this would mean eating primarily plants, but also including eggs and the occasional animal. Dairy would be excluded considering it is an unnatural foodsource in the wild (except for breastmilk for infants).
I also want to reduce the suffering of animals and help the environment, which causes me to give up seafood and meat completely. This sort of throws my \"natural\" idea out of whack but I comfort myself knowing that it is probably more natural to give up meat entirely than it is to eat meat that is laced with bacteria, medicines, etc.
Eggs are my main dilemma. Eggs are a natural foodsource in the wild for omnivores - therefore, eggs from healthy birds should be a beneficial addition to human diet. On the other hand, todays eggs are bought with the pain and suffering of innocent birds. What to do?

So now the question: If one owned their own area where a few birds could live happily and naturally - would it be wrong to collect their infertile eggs and consume them?

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    Posted by Tatiana at 03/09/08 18:02:49

    I think you've answered your own question. If your problem with eggs is the pain and suffering of the birds, do you feel you'd be able to provide a happy life for your own hens? The answer is up to you, but I think you already know how you feel about it. ^_^

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    Posted by veggielvr02 at 03/12/08 18:51:36

    I think it is any animal's right to roam free, and not be caged to produce food. If we lived naturally in the wild, we would probably hunt for eggs rather than keep birds in cages all their lives. I still think that if you're worried about aninmal rights, then it's wrong to eat eggs even if you have hens because it means taking away their rights.

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    Posted by KellyVeganGirl at 06/18/08 19:04:01

    I think eating a vegan diet is the way to go but if a person is going to eat eggs it should be humane eggs since factory farming is a million times worse. It's really easy not to eat eats though since they are not addicting like meat and dairy. Meat and dairy is like crack for most people.

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