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I was sent an email with this info below. Decide for yourself.

Demand Urgent Investigation Into Stranded-Dolphin Tragedy

A Royal Navy helicopter was found to be using a controversial submarine-hunting sonar – nicknamed the "dipper" – just days before 26 dolphins died in a mass stranding, which affected 44 other dolphins as well. This was the largest mass stranding of dolphins in Britain in 30 years. All the animals were terrified, and those who died did so slowly and painfully; their lungs were crushed under the weight of their bodies.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) cannot be oblivious to the well-established fact that sonar use can confuse, terrify and disorient dolphins. Similar dolphin deaths have been linked to military sonar use all over the world, which has been confirmed by many marine-mammal experts. Apparently, the MoD decided such deaths could be chalked up to "collateral damage", like the deaths of innocent civilians in the Gulf War.

Please use the below form to send an e-mail to Prime Minister Gordon Brown to stop such a tragedy from occurring ever again.

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