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FACTS - Shark finning
Removal and retention of shark fins
Discarding carcass at sea
Shark often still alive when tossed back to water
Left unable to swim the shark slowly sinks to bottom of sea
Its eaten alive by other fish or bleeds to death
100 Million sharks killed each year for their fins!
Red Chilli Restaurants in the UK Serve a range of Shark Fin dishes. Lets put pressure on them to take it off their menu, thus reducing the demand for shark fins in the UK.
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    Posted by Nicolo at 01/02/12 22:55:46

    Not only is Chilis evil, it's also a great place to get sick and/or die. I have worked across the street from a Chilis for four years and I have witnessed more ambulances racing for their doors and more customers carried out on stretchers than I ever imagined possible a) for that actually happen & b) for that to happen and they get to stay open and build new branches all over America. They are a rib, wing, and burger joint (are the medical emergencies really any surprise with this menu?) They are not a seafood restaurant, they aren't even the kind of place you'd feel safe eating seafood in. The CEO is just another greedy bastard with a greased shoot to hell. He shouldn't have to be told what is right and wrong at his age. He shouldn't have to be protested for being simply un-human. It's human to care and he doesn't and he can't, not with all that money in the way.

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